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Festival of Economics 2014

17 November 2014

In the third Festival of Economics, programmed by Diane Coyle, Enlightenment Economics, economists and other experts from around the UK will be debating with each other – and their audiences – some of the key economic questions of our time. Apart for the Mayor’s lecture, all Festival of Economics events take place in At-Bristol.

The Festival aims to provoke wider learning and debate about economics – so critical to the lives of everyone. This year’s festival looks at money, the benefits of a more local economy, the economics of obesity and diet, what happens when quantitative easing ends, whether robots will take all the jobs in the future, the economics of crime and punishment and what will make the housing market work for all. We’ve also got John Lanchester (author of Whoops) talking about understanding money with Izabella Kaminska from the Financial Times and a discussion between Adair Turner and BBC Economics Editor Robert Peston.

The programme (click on the individual links for further details):

Thursday 20 November 2014
How to Speak Money: John Lanchester and Izabella Kaminska, £9.00/ £7.00

Should the Economy be More Local?
Chair: Margaret Heffernan. Ciaran Munday, Bristol Pound; Charlotte Alldritt, RSA Growth Commission; Andrew Simms, New Economics Foundation; Nigel Dodd The Social Life of Money, LSE. £9.00/ £7.00

Friday 21 November 2014
Obesity in the UK: Gluttony or Sloth?: Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester, £6.00/ £5.00

Can Economics Help us to Eat Better?: Schools Challenge: Rachel Griffith, University of Manchester; Jonathan James, University of Bath; Sarah Smith, University of Bristol. Free event for sixth form students and their teachers.

What’s Gone Wrong with the Economy and With Modern Economics?. Adair Turner with Robert Peston. Introduced by Stephen Robertson, Chairman, Business West. £10.00/ £8.00

Beyond Quantitative Easing
Chair: David Smith, Sunday Times. Tony Yates, University of Bristol; Angus Armstrong, Director of Macroeconomics, NIESR; Paola Subacchi, Chatham House;
David Miles, Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England. £9.00/ £7.00

Saturday 22nd November
Will the Robots Eat all the Jobs?
Chair: Richard Davies, The Economist: Gavin Kelly, Resolution Foundation; Debra Howcroft, Manchester Business School; Diane Coyle, University of Manchester. £9.00/ £7.00

Economics of Crime and Punishment
Chair: Chris Giles, FT. Steve Machin, LSE; Vicky Pryce, author and consultant; Brian Bell, University of Oxford; Frances Crook, The Howard League for Penal Reform. £9.00/ £7.00

What will Make the Housing Market Work?
Chair: Julia Unwin, JRF. Bridget Rosewell, Volterra Partners; Alex Marsh, University of Bristol; Michael Ball, University of Reading; Yolande Barnes, Savills; Kate Barker, former MPC member, Bank of England. £9.00/ £7.00

Festival of Economics Season Ticket
In addition to purchasing individual tickets for events, there is a season ticket for all events at £60/ £45. Season tickets can be purchased ONLINE or in person at at-Bristol. You will still need to register for your free ticket to the Mayor’s event on 10 November.

The Festival of Economics is supported by:

ACEBCCBusiness West


JRFRESUniversity of Bristol

LEPEconomics NetworkCMPO

Philip Allan

Further information

For further information, please visit the website of the Festival of Ideas.

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