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Walking Interconnections performance 'Walk With Me' at Cardiff Connecting Communities event

30 June 2014

Dr Sue Porter will be at the Connected Communities Festival, 1st and 2nd July, to present a performance entitled ‘Walk With Me’, an audio walk experience created by the Walking Interconnections research team.

Dr Sue Porter, member of the Norah Fry Research Centre, will be at St David’s Conference Centre tomorrow [1 July] and Wednesday [2 July] in the Connected Communities Festival to present a performance entitled ‘Walk With Me’, an audio walk experience created by the Walking Interconnectionsresearch team.

Walking Interconnections is a research project led by Dr Porter that uses arts-based methods such as photographs, maps and narratives, to demonstrate the resilience and ingenuity of disabled people in their daily interactions with their environments. Walking Interconnections recognises and responds to the fact that disabled people’s voices have been largely absent from the sustainability debate.

Representing one-fifth of the world’s population, disabled people have unique contributions, often overlooked, to help build resilient societies and communities. Setting as its foundational tenet the fact that disability does not mean inability, Walking Interconnections uses walking with as a way to identify and make visible the everyday, embodied knowledge of disabled people – their habitual experiences of their environments and their persistent enactments of resilience within these.

The audio performance 'Walk With Me' stems from the conversations recorded when the 19 researchers involved in Walking Interconnections went for a walk. The recordings have now been edited into a 30 minute audio-play. Guided by one of the project’s researchers, participants will follow a route created especially for the Connected Communities Festival – and using MP3 players will listen to the audio-play whilst they walk. They will listen-in to the conversations of our walkers, walking as if in their shoes. What is the experience of our disabled walkers and our sustainability practitioners? What do they see and encounter? How do they experience the landscapes they walk through? Participants will then return to the Connected Communities Festival centre, using a specially designed map to guide their way. At the end of their walk, they can add their own observations to the map – creating an embodied map in the process.

To register for a place on the group walk, please book through

There will be a live streaming of the performance available here:

More about Walking Interconnections can be found here:

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