PhD theses

Postgraduate students theses
StudentSupervisorThesis title
Muataz S Al-Barwani (1999) Professor M P Allen Computer Modeling of Liquid Crystals (PDF, 2.98MB)
Joseph M Brader (2001) Professor R Evans Statistical Mechanics of Model Colloid-Polymer Mixture (PDF, 1.85MB)
Mark R Dennis (2001) Professor Sir Michael Berry Topical Singularities in Wave Fields (PDF, 3.81MB)
Jorge Quintanilla (2001) Professor B L Gyorffy Exotic Superconductivity and Bose-Einstein Condensation: Generic Features in a Simple Model (PDF, 5.45MB)
Daniel G Collins (2002) Professor S Popescu Perspectives on Quantum Non-Locality (PDF, 824KB)
Benjamin J Powell (2002) Professors J F Annett and B L Gyorffy On the Interplay of Superconductivity and Magnetism (PDF, 2.64MB)
Andrew J Archer (2003) Professor R Evans Statistical Mechanics of Soft Core Fluid Mixtures (PDF, 3.48MB)
Denzil A Rodrigues (2003) Professor B L Gyorffy Superconducting Charge Qubits (PDF, 1.56MB)
David Roberts (2004) Professor S Popescu Aspects of Quantum Non-Locality (PDF, 760KB)
Maria Clare Stewart (2006) Professor R Evans Effects of Substrate Geometry on Interfacial Phase Transitions (PDF, 1.59MB)
Emma Cameron Podnieks (2006) Professor J F Annett Theory of Single Spin Detection Using an ESR-STM Technique (PDF, 1.89MB)
Andrew Ian Duff (2007) Professor J F Annett First Principles Investigation into the Atom in Jellium Model System (PDF, 2.54MB)
Mike R Jeffrey (2007) Professor Sir Michael Berry Conical Diffraction: Complexifying Hamilton's Diabolical Legacy (PDF, 4.32MB)
Paul Hopkins (2008) Professor R Evans Static and Dynamic Correlations in some Models of Fluids (PDF, 5.86 MB)
Gary M Batt (2008) Professor B L Gyorffy & Dr Stephen Dugdale Investigation of the Spectral Properties of Disordered Alloys and Superconductors (PDF, 3.37MB)
W S Brams Dwandaru (2010) Professor M Schmidt & Professor R Evans Various Correspondences Between Simple Driven and Equilibrium Statistical Hard Core Models (PDF, 4.2MB)
Gavin Leithall (2010) Professor M Schmidt & Professor R Evans Density functional theory for hard hyperspheres in odd dimensions (PDF, 2.3MB)
Thomas Smith (2010) Professor M Schmidt & Professor R Evans Driven interfaces in the Ising model (PDF, 1.9MB)
King, Robert (2011) Joint with Southampton University Dr M Dennis Knotting of Optical Vortices (PDF, 29MB)
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