Bristol Young Scientist Conference on quantum information with photons

We journeyed from the basics to the applications in quantum theory to quantum reality.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the PICQUE Young Scientist Conference in Bristol from April 4 - 6 2016. It was great to have so many young researchers together in such a lively environment. Well known keynote speakers introduced the fundamental aspects of quantum photonics from quantum computation, quantum-metrology and quantum simulation to single photon sources and detectors. With members of industry giving their perspective of quantum technologies and their applications. 

Our Programme (PDF, 378kB) is available to download. 

     Organising Committee          Scientific Committee     
Kimberley Brook
Joelle Boutari
Giulia Digeronimo
Imad Faruque 
Chiara Greganti
Chris Harrold
Giuliana Pensa
Ioannis Pitsios
Döndü Sahin
Alberto Santamato
Nicola Tyler
Gerardo Villarreal


Jeremy O'Brien
Mark Thompson
Fabio Sciarrino
Andrew Shields
Philip Walther
Jorge Barreto
Daryl Beggs
Tommaso Lunghi
Takafumi Ono
Döndü Sahin
Josh Silverstone
Gary Sinclair
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