The main research interest of our group is in fundamental aspects of quantum physics. The fact that so often one discovers seemingly paradoxical new quantum effects is a signature that a deep and intuitive understanding is still missing. Our main goal is to reach such an understanding.

Our main avenue of exploration is quantum information theory. In addition to exploring how the strange properties of quantum theory can be harnessed for information processing, tools and concepts from this field have led to a much deeper understanding of quantum theory. In particular, a major focus of our research has been quantum entanglement and non-locality. These form crucial resources in quantum information theory, and also correspond to one of the most profound differences between the classical and quantum world.

Due to the fundamental character of the effects we study, we are also interested in and able to contribute to various other fields, including quantum optics, thermodynamics, and quantum biology. One of our most significant contributions has been to the foundations of statistical mechanics, where we have proven that almost any small system interacting with a large environment will equilibrate - moving towards a static state and staying there for almost all times. This is due to entanglement between the system and its environment, and is a much stronger result than can be achieved classically.

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