ZnO nanorods grown in an aqueous solution

Research in the Materials and Devices for Energy and Communication group is driven by innovation and technological relevance.

The main thrust of the Center for Device Thermography and Reliability (CDTR), led by Professor Martin Kuball, is to understand and improve the reliability and thermal performance of semiconductor devices such as GaN and other power electronic devices used in satellites, switches and radars, and to develop new materials such as borides for neutron detectors.

The Surface Physics Group led by Professor Walther Schwarzacher researches a wide variety of interesting materials and phenomena, including magnetic nanoparticles, surface stress in electrochemical systems, protein-surface interactions, spin transport in organic molecules and electrodeposited ultrathin films.

The Electron Microscopy Group led by Professor David Cherns concentrates on transmission electron microscopy, with an especial emphasis on nanomaterials for solar cells and light emitting devices.

The Diamond and New Energy Group led by Dr. Neil Fox focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured, wide band gap materials for applications in energy harvesting, radiation detectors and electron sources.

Group research

Our research covers a wide range of topics, but the common themes are how structure on a length scale from one angstrom to ten micrometres affects the physical behaviour of solids, and how this structure may be controlled to create new materials.

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