School speakers

Many of these speakers are happy to speak to other audiences and we can also find speakers on Careers in Physics and Studying Physics at University.

For more information or to request a speaker please contact the Schools Liaison Officer, Dr Jonathan Fellows.

Charges for talks

For venues within 20 miles of BS8 1TL

  • For the Ice-cream and Taste and flavour talks: £100 for up to two sessions for up to a total of 100 pupils. Additional pupils £1 per head
  • For other talks £50 for a one hour talk

For venues more than 20 miles from BS8 1TL

  • £2 per additional mile. We are able to invoice the school for these payments.
SpeakerTopic: Talk TitleAge range
Dr Massimo Antognozzi Investigating the Nanoworld 14+
Professor Peter Barham The science of taste and flavour. 15+
  Get Science Licked - The Physics of Ice Cream. Secondary
  Microwave Magic. Any
  Chocology - the Science and History of Chocolate. 15+
  A Physicist Amongst Penguins. Any
Dr Adrian Barnes Probes of matter; studying materials with X-rays and neutrons. Secondary
Dr Henkjan Gersen Exploring the nano-world Secondary
  Putting the brakes on light Secondary
  Towards reading your DNA in minutes Secondary
  Breaking the diffraction limit Secondary
Dr Joel Goldstein Particle Physics  6th formers/Adaptable
  What is everything made of? 6th formers/Adaptable
Dr Helen Heath Into the Heart of Matter - probing matter on the smallest scale. Secondary
  Looking into the History of the Cosmos - The Large Hadron Collider. Secondary
  The Physics of Ice-cream. Primary
  Cosmic Rays or how a Bristol physicist won the Nobel prize for Physics. Secondary
Dr Dave Newbold Particle Physics and LHC - slides available in Quicktime or Flash GCSE/6th from
Photo of Helen Heath giving an Icecream Lecture
Dr Helen Heath demonstrating in an ice cream lecture
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