Past Events

Over the past few years we have been pleased to hold a number of engagement events and activities for schools, colleges and industry. Including:

Festival of Physics: which is a joint venture with the Institute of Physics. The event which took place in March 2016 was for people of all ages and abilities and included demos on Nanomaterials, Astronomy and Liquid Nitrogen.

Quantum in the Cloud: this online simulation is for people who are interested in learning more about quantum computers. This was a world first and was the first opportunity where the general public could use the brain power behind a quantum computer. You can still use the online simulation today on the CQP website.

Future Brunels: led by the SS Great Britain. this event invites year 9 pupils to come into our labs and learn more about the power of light.

Science in the Cinema: hosted by our Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training this event involved 9 of our researchers presenting the good and bad science behind your favourite movies. They also showed the full screening of GATTACA which was independently chosen by 500 Bristol scientists as being the best sci-fi movie of all time.

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