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Tom Croft receives IOP Superconductivity Group Thesis Prize

11 September 2017

This year's undergraduate teaching prizes have been awarded to lectures from the Correlated Electron Systems group.

The IOP Superconductivity Group Thesis Prize has been awarded to Dr. Thomas Croft for his PhD work in the Correlated Electron Systems group. His thesis “X-ray and Neutron Scattering Studies of High-Tc Cuprate Superconductors” has made a significant contribution on charge density waves in cuprates.

Dr Croft worked on studies of charge density waves in LSCO superconductors. He has used a variety of scattering techniques, and developed a device with which to apply uniaxial stress, and detwin samples in situ. The measurements showed that the CDW in LSCO is an intrinsic effect and not connected with twin boundaries. His thesis also includes work from two different projects, including a study looking for competition between the charge density wave and previously reported orbital currents in YBCO. Following a tricky experiment, Dr. Croft analysed the data and was able to demonstrate the absence of orbital currents in the measured sample.

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