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Quantum Logic paper could help in developing Quantum Information Processors

11 July 2016

A paper on Quantum Logic by Bristol physicists in collaboration with researchers at University of Oxford was released in Physical Review Letters (PRL) this week.

The paper ‘Quantum Logic with Cavity Photons from Single Atoms’ shows how the use a controlled-not gate integrated into a photonic chip to entangle photons. By doing this they observe non-classical correlations between photon detection events separated by periods exceeding the travel time across the chip by 3 orders of magnitude. This research will enable quantum technology that will use the properties of both narrow-band single photon sources and integrated quantum photonics. This is promising for quantum information processing tasks going forward.

The Bristol researchers led by Dr Jonathan Matthews and Professor Jeremy O’Brien have been working closely with the Oxford team led by Professor Axel Kuhn on developing their research in this area. The paper can be read in full on the PRL website. 

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