Mr Robert Duerr, Senior Undergraduate Student Administrator

I work in the Student Administration Office, dealing with all manner of enquiries from undergraduate students. One of the most rewarding elements of my role is to work with students who undertake industrial placements in their third year, I will usually first meet these students in their second year and will get to know them very well as they go through the process of applying for placements, entering the workplace for a year, and then returning to Bristol to complete their studies. I am particularly proud of the network of alumni I have built around this programme enabling students who have completed the programme to offer support and guidance to those who are considering and applying for placements. 

After the birth of our first child in 2011 I applied to go from 1.0 FTE to 0.8 FTE so I could spend some time as a stay-at-home-dad. This was invaluable before our children started school and we spent many happy days in the local parks and attractions.  Now that my children are at school, I still use this time to do a variety of domestic duties but also find myself using it to prepare activities for our local Beaver Scout group where I am one of the leaders.  

My favourite aspect of the School of Physics is the inspirational colleagues with whom I work, I wish my Physics teacher at school had been able to convey the subject to me with as much enthusiasm as I see exhibited every day in my office by my academic colleagues. 

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