Dr Paul Skrzypczyk, Lecturer in the Theoretical Physics

My research interests lie in the foundations of quantum theory, quantum information theory and quantum thermodynamics. I am fascinated by deepening our understanding of fundamental aspects of quantum theory, and the feedback that arises on the fields of quantum information theory and quantum thermodynamics, when they are used as the arenas within which to carry out research.

I was the first person in my family to go to University. I went to an inner-city school in South London which was put in special measures during my time there. When I started A-Levels at sixth form college I was persuaded to take Further Maths. This was probably the single most important event in terms of steering me in the direction I am now.

With two small children, I plan to make use of flexible working arrangements over the coming years. I feel very lucky to know that I have lots of freedom to arrange my working life to manage my family commitments, and to strive for a healthy work-life balance. I took the opportunity, after the birth of my first child, to take 6 weeks of shared parental leave. This was an amazing experience, and I'm extremely happy that I took the leave.

I am happiest when stood at the blackboard/whiteboard, discussing ideas with collaborators and students. I love the whole process of teaching. For me, there is something intoxicating about passing knowledge on to another generation.

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