Dr Döndü Sahin, Lecturer in the Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training

I arrived at the University of Bristol as a Marie-Curie researcher after the ground-breaking demonstration of waveguide-integrated superconducting single-photon detectors which paved the way to integrated quantum photonics. I stayed with QETLabs where I currently continue working on single-photon detectors as well as running experiments on quantum devices in cryogenics and vacuum environment to excel the current technology underlying quantum photonics.

I am from Turkey. After studying for my masters degree in my home country, I decided to move to the Netherlands to gain experience working at international environments.

I like the places my research career has taken me so far. I have interacted with many different people. I like to learn more about other cultures and people and the best way of doing this is to travel. Therefore, when I have time off from work, I spend time travelling to new destinations to discover something new for myself.

One of my favourite things about working in the School of Physics is that there are a lot of social events as well as science-related activities. The annual Revue takes place every year in December, just before the Christmas break, and the whole department comes together for a laugh before heading to have lunch and drinks.

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