Dr Carine Nsangu, Lecturer in Physics

I joined the University of Bristol School of Physics in January 2017, having completed my postgraduate studies at the University of York and my undergraduate degree in Physics in Kinshasa.

My background is different from that of my colleagues as I am originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and partially grew up in Belgium. Having had a father strongly interested in astronomy, I spent my childhood reading different volumes of astronomy books and spent most of my evenings hooked to my father’s home telescope. Having had a great Physics teacher toward the end of my High School, I was determined to do Physics as a degree. I was the first female student to study Physics at a University in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and I am keen to encourage women to pursue their science related dream. I graduated at the top of my cohort with a first equivalent.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching in the School of Physics. I run an optional Unit called “Physics World”, which gives students the opportunity to improve their skills of acquiring and disseminating new scientific information at a level appropriate to the general public. My position as the School Disability Coordinator allows me to support Students of the School of Physics who require specific adjustments.

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