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Steve Harmer appointed as a lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences

19 December 2017

The School is delighted to announce that Steve Harmer will join the School around Eastertime as a lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences.  Steve graduated from Reading in molecular biology and also undertook a PhD there in molecular endocrinology, before joining Andrew Tinker’s lab at UCL, then the William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary University of London.

In London, he has investigated the role of defective trafficking of K+ channels component as a basis of long-QT syndrome, a major contributor to arrhythmias associated with sudden cardiac death.  He has established that mutations to these components lead to defective trafficking.  During this time Steve obtained an Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellowship from the British Heart Foundation as recognition for his achievements.  At Bristol Steve will continue with his interests.  In particular he aims to: investigate why mutations of ion channels lead to defective trafficking; use inducible pluripotent stem cell technology to use patient-derived cardiac myocytes as a model system to investigate pathological mechanisms that may underlie conditions such as long–QT syndrome; and develop therapeutic strategies to prevent consequent arrhythmias.

Steve will bring many new techniques and approaches to complement the current vibrant groups in the School who have an interest in normal and abnormal excitation-contraction coupling in myocardium.  We keenly await him joining us next year

 Chris Fry, December 2017.


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