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Recent Grant Success - October-December 2011

16 December 2011

Recent Grant Success - October-December 2011


Stuart Mundell. Five year Senior Basic Science Research Fellowship "Role of G protein-coupled receptor sorting in platelet function". BHF; £503K.

Julian Paton. "Mechanistic insight into chronic arterial pressure set-point regulation through activation of the ventrolateral periaqueductal grey". BHF; £186k.  Co-Applicants Fiona McBryde (Physiology & Pharmacology); Nik Patel (Frenchay, North Bristol Trust) and Bernard Stark (School of Engineering).

Julian Paton & Tony Pickering. "Respiratory sympathetic coupling in man".  BHF; £225K.

Alastair Poole and Ingeborg Hers. PhD Studentship.  “Role of the motor protein myosin Va in regulating platelet secretion and function”. BHF; £115K

Jules Hancox & Chris Dempsey (Biochemistry). PhD studentship “Flecainide inhibition of the hERG potassium channel: binding site and role of drug ionization”. BHF; £97,295

Dave Bates, Steve Harper and Seb Oltean were awarded a BHF project grant on VEGF splicing. £192,000

Dave Bates and Amanda Churchill were awarded a BHF studentship on VEGF in Capillary Haemangioma.  £110,000


Co-PIs D. Murphy (Bristol), L Michellini (Univ Sao Paulo) & V Antunes (Univ Sao Paulo). "Impact of exercise on brainstem genes regulating arterial pressure". BBSRC-Brazil Joint Collaborative Grant. £1.1m over 4 years

In vivo training courses (Bristol, KCL and Glasgow) will be funded for the next 3 years by a consortium of sponsors-total £270k from  BBSRC, MRC, IPF and Phys Soc (University of Bristol lead, Richard Apps).

Eamon Kelly & Graeme Henderson.  “Do biased agonists at the mu-opioid receptor induce different patterns of receptor phosphorylation?”  £431,000.

Nina Balthasar. "Hypothalamic glucose-sensitive transcriptomes".  £490,000


Richard Apps & Nadia Cerminara.  "The importance of complex spikes in cerebellar contributions to behaviour", £975,032.

Andy Randall & Jon Brown.  “Modified intrinsic excitability in transgenic mouse models of progressive beta-amyloidopathy”. £550,000


Dave Bates. Development grant; £220,000

Wellcome Trust

Dave Bates & Ann Millar. Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship; £227,000


Ana Paula Abdala Sheikh: Understanding and rescuing respiratory arrhythmias in a mouse model of Rett Syndrome. $100,000 (for 2 years)  International Rett Syndrome Foundation.

Richard Apps, Nadia Cerminara, & R. Edwards.  " Electrophysiological mapping to minimise risk of cerebellar mutism syndrome and cerebellar ataxia"  Action Medical Research; £97,000.

Julian Paton.  Marie Curie Incoming International Fellowship for Dr Paul Marvar , Divison of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine and the Atlanta Veteran Administration Hospital, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Dave Bates. Skin Cancer Research Fund funds to support a studentship; £30,000

Lucy Donaldson & Dave Bates, Diabetic neuropathy. Diabetes UK; £183,000

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