Events in 2018-19

The Department of Philosophy organised many exciting events in the academic year 2018-19.

Conferences and Workshops in 2018-19

Department research seminar

  • Umut Baysan (Oxford) ‘The Anti-Psychology of Belief’
  • John Collins (UEA) ‘The Null Hypothesis for the Semantics of Fiction’
  • Jean-Pierre Llored (Paris) ‘Wholes and Parts in Quantum Chemistry’
  • Kirsten Walsh (Exeter) ‘Newton’s Metaphysics in Practice’
  • Lea Ypi (LSE) ‘Adverse Possession, Irregular Migration and the Justification of States’ Right to Exclude’
  • Megan Blomfield (Sheffield) ‘Climate Responsibilities and Background Injustice’
  • Jens Timmermann (St Andrews) ‘Kant on the Supposed Right to Lie’
  • Vanessa Heggie (Birmingham) ‘Expertise at the Extreme: The (Many) Philosophical Challenges of Doing Science in Extreme Environments’
  • Richard Bradley (LSE) ‘Chances and Credences’
  • Emily Thomas (Durham) ‘The Emergence of the Growing-Block Theory of Time’
  • Jonathan Webber (Cardiff) ‘Authentic and Inauthentic Shame’
  • Ken Gemes (Birkbeck) ‘Nihilism, Trump, and Brexit’
  • Carlo Nicolai (UCL) ‘Fix, Express, Quantify. Disquotation after its Logic’
  • Tuomas Tahko (Bristol) ‘Quantum Holism and Mutual Dependence’
  • Martin Sticker (Bristol) ‘Kant’s Case Against Heterosexual Marriage’
  • Johannes Stern (Bristol) ‘Truth, Truth-Conditions, and Semantics’
  • Coreen McGuire (Bristol) ‘Measuring Disability and Numbering Normalcy in the Inter-War Years’

Further seminars

Philosophy of Physics:

  • David P.B. Schroeren (Princeton) "Symmetry Holism"
  • Michael Dascal (Maryland) "What's left for the single world theorist?"
  • Mathias Egg (Bern) "Dissolving the measurement problem is not an option for the realist"
  • Rasmus Jackland "Conflicts between metaphysics and science: The world-making relation in quantum gravity"

 Philosophy of medicine:

  • Ian Kidd (Nottingham) "Pathophobia, Illness and Vice"
  • Anna Luise Kirkengen (Oslo) "We are such stuff as life is made of …." 
  • Coreen McGuire (Bristol) and Jaipreet Virdi (Delaware), "Dr Phyllis Kerridge and the Politics of Disability in Inter-War Britain" (further information)
  • Robert Chapman (Bristol) "The Reality of Autism: Beyond the Biomedical Paradigm"

 Logic (FSB seminars):

  • Kentaro Sato (Bern) "Finitist Axiomatic Truth"
  • Johannes Stern "The Modal Completeness of Kripke-Feferman Truth"
  • Alex Jones "Contextualism, Tarski and Axiomatic Truth"
  • Catrin Campbell-Moore "Infinitesimal probabilities and comparative probabilities"
  • Luca Castaldo "On the costs of classical logic"
  • Matteo Zicchetti "Reflecting on truth and falsity"

Political Theory and Philosophy seminar:

  • Clare Chambers (Cambridge) "Against Marriage: An Egalitarian Defence of a Marriage Free Sate"
  • David Axelsen (LSE) "Changing the World, One Distinction at a Time: On Political Theory and Social Change"
  • Jessica Begon (Durham) "Disability: Harmful, Disadvantageous, or Neutral?" 

Formal Epistemology:

  • Seamus Bradley (Leeds), "Aggregation for general belief structures and consequences for imprecise probability aggregation"
  • Catrin Campbell-Moore, "Believing Probabilistic Contents: Coherence" (with Jason Konek)
  • James Wilson, "Accuracy and Probability Kinematics"
  • Samir Okasha, "Is there a Bayesian justification of hypothetico‐deductive inference?"
  • Jason Konek, "Comparative Belief and Epistemic Interpretavism"

Other ad hoc seminars:

  • Amanda Byrant (Lisbon) "Ampliative Inference, Epistemic Trade-Offs, and Disciplinary Autonomy in a Scientifically Responsible Metaphysics"
  • Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere) "Ontological Form and Moderate Categorial Relational Realism"

Regular reading groups 

  • The Metaphysics of Science
  • Philosophy of Mathematics – reading Oystein Linnebo’s ‘Thin Objects’
  • Hegel’s ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’

Women in Philosophy sessions

Informal discussion meetings with visiting philosophers to discuss anything surrounding the topic of women in philosophy. 

  • Emily Thomas (Durham)
  • Vanessa Heggie (Birmingham)
  • Megan Blomfield (Sheffield)
  • Lea Ypi (LSE)
  • Kirsten Walsh (Exeter)

Our PGR students also organised a Women in Philosophy PGR Conference.

Public events

Work in Progress seminars

Tuomas Tahko at the Metascience Kick-off workshop
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