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This page reports proceedings of meetings of the local PARIP working groups and publicizes upcoming events.

Please contact the Bristol PARIP office for information about how to get involved at a local or discipline-specific level.

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Past Events

April 2002, NW Group meeting at SCUDD conference, Edge Hill College of Higher Education, coordinated by Robin Nelson. Details to be posted.

May 2002, SE Group meeting at Goldsmiths College, coordinated by Tony Dowmunt and John Ginman. Details to be posted.

30 June 2002, SW Group meeting at Jolly Porter pub, Exeter, coordinated by Roberta Mock. Click here for report.

2 November 2002, NW Group Meeting
Stephen Joseph Studio, University of Manchester, 10.00-17.00, coordinated by Robin Nelson and Barbara Kennedy. Click here for report.

16 November 2002, Midlands Group meeting
Isham Studios, University College Northampton, Avenue Campus, St. Georges Ave., 10:00-17.00, coordinated by Jane Bacon. Click here for report.

16 December 2002, SE Group meeting
Central School of Speech and Drama, 14.00-16.30, coordinated by Simon Shepherd. Click here for report.

21-22 February 2003, SE Group meeting with University of Kent at Canterbury, coordinated by Paul Allain. Click here for report.

27 March 2003, NE meeting at University of Sunderland, coordinated by Trevor Hearing

29 March 2003, Scotland meeting, Queen Margaret University College, Corstorphine Campus, Clermiston, Edinburgh, coordinated by John Whelan. Link to Scottish Forum website

10 May 2003, NW meeting, Crewe Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University, 10.00-17.00, coordinated by Barbara Kennedy ( and Robin Nelson (

Morning: Anna Fenemore's The Kitchen.
Afternoon: Alison Jeffers and Simon Piaceski present aspects of their auto-performer-writing as research to be followed by discussion.

17 May 2003, SW meeting, University of Bristol, 12.00-15.00, coordinated by Roberta Mock

13 September 2003, PARIP Conference, local group sessions. Contact your group coordinator for further information.

8 November 2003, Scotland meeting, coordinated by John Whelan. Click here for report.

28 February 2004, Midlands Group meeting, University College Northampton, Avenue Campus, St. Georges Ave., coordinated by Jane Bacon,

10:45 | Kerry Francksen-Kelly (Lecturer, DeMontfort University): video installation

11:30 | Sally Doughty (Senior Lecturer, Dance, DeMontfort University) The still moving body — disposing of, recycling and documenting improvisation

12:15 | Open Forum to discuss new work, etc. plus Regional Plans, Issues and Ideas

2:00 | Dr. Vida Midgelow (Snr. Lecturer and Course Leader, Dance, University College Northampton): Threshold : Fleshfold

2:45 | Dr. Jane Bacon (Snr. Lecturer and Course Leader, Performance Studies, University College Northampton) and Dr. Franc Chamberlain (Snr. Lecturer, Performance Studies, University College Northampton):
A focusing attitude toward making and discussing PaR

3:30 | Lee Miller (Lecturer, Drama, University College Northampton) and Bob Whalley (Teaching Fellow, Theatre Studies, Lancaster University): We will remember you

2-3 July 2004, Midlands and Northwest Group meeting, Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager Campus, coordinated by Jane Bacon, Robin Nelson and Anna Fenemore

Show and tell: PaR strategies for dissemination and debate

Contributors included Simon Bowes, Oliver Bray, Jane Bacon, Franc Chamberlain, Tracy Crossley, Tamsin Drury, Julia Eaton, Sophia Lycouris, Neil Mackenzie, Vida Midgelow, Robin Nelson, Angela Piccini, Paul Stapleton

7 November 2004 | Scottish PARIP Gateway, The School of Drama and Creative Industries, Queen Margaret University College, Gateway Theatre, Elm Row, Edinburgh, 11am-4pm, with presentations by Robin Nelson, Anna Fenemore and David Leddy. Click here for report










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