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TRansCPT (transdisciplinary research centre for performance and technology): a case study

This paper addresses the third of six questions posed by PARIP 2003, namely, 'What kinds of resourcing/plant/infrastructures are needed for practice as research?' It attempts an answer by presenting TRansCPT (Transdisciplinary Research Centre for Performance and Technology), an initiative at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, as a particular case study.

TransCPT is a conceptual model of a research facility for art, culture and technology designed to accommodate the new ideological shifts and methodological approaches instigated by the digital revolution. It tries to systematically re-evaluate performance research as a transdisciplinary idea within the context of art, technology and the human-machine interface. This new framework has a different set of infrastructure requirements where body practices play an important role. A basic premise is that technology is developing at a rate far beyond our physical capacity to assimilate it in an ecologically stable manner, hence the need for systematic reassessment within new frameworks for higher learning.

Henry Daniel is an Assistant Professor in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He has an extensive international portfolio as a professional dancer and choreographer, working with dance and theatre companies in the US, Germany, the UK and the Caribbean. His Ph.D. thesis “Dance, Performance and Technology: Issues of Body, Creativity, and Embodiment” is at Bristol University’s Department of Drama, Theatre Film, TV.

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