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PARIP 2005

International Conference | 29 June - 03 July 2005

Wright: Fiona | UK

other versions of an uncertain body (seventh edit)

A performance lecture

by Fiona Wright

with video edits by Becky Edmunds and Lucy Baldwyn

The presentation is based on performance writing which is responding to and documenting the experience of performing. The written/spoken text is positioned in the space with screenings of several video edits (from a current and recent body of work) together with live physical performed actions and dances.

As with my previous presentations, the ‘talk’ foregrounds the event of the ‘paper’ with an emphasis on the fact of the presence of the speaker’s body in the presence of the audience. The material touches on the idea of starting and stopping and the idea of the performer as a kind of picture, where the boundary or frame is moved by irruptions and breaks in the hold of the look; intermittent interventions as a potential point of resistance the conventions of the spectacular and the theatrical. This is connected to a desire to work with writing as a development and extension of thinking beyond the image as only visual.

My ongoing performance work as an independent artist is a mainly solo practice, which also exists outside of academic institutions. This research has evolved in part through a series of performance lectures, which have been developed during a PhD study, which includes a written element and practice as submission (February 2005) at Nottingham Trent University; the title is Other versions of an uncertain body: writing towards an account of a solo performance practice.

Areas of practice include: Writing/Dance/Live Art/Visual Performance/Video. Strategies here are concerned with negotiations between approaches to performance practice and the practice of theorising, especially through writing:

  • the academic body/the body of the academic
  • memory and knowledge production
  • the uncertain status of documentation
  • live and recorded presence

Fiona Wright – biography

Fiona Wright(b. London 1966, currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne) has been making primarily solo performance for more than fifteen years, working through choreography, writing and installation, developing an approach that is inevitably personalised yet deliberately unconfessional. The work has been driven most by fascinations with the image of the lone figure and the possibility - or apparent promise - of intimacy in performance, especially through presentations to small and limited audience capacities. Some of her recent pieces, including salt drawing (presented in Oporto 2004), have been short works made for a solo spectator and repeated over time. Other current work has included a series of performance lectures, other versions of an uncertain body and some group and duet work under the name girl jonah, both seen this year at Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. She has published a small book titled amino essays: twenty short performance papers (2004) and she is also a lecturer, previously with the Contemporary Arts course at Nottingham Trent University and the Dance & Visual art course at Brighton University.

Fiona Wright

15h Summerhill Terrace

Newcastle upon Tyne

















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