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PARIP 2005

International Conference | 29 June - 03 July 2005

Brayshaw: Theresa | UK

Panel abstract:

Evidence models for process, product and impact of PaR

This panel will share readily accessible approaches to articulating research imperatives and adducing evidence for PaR projects.  Robin Nelson and Jane Bacon will outline frameworks in which different kinds of data, simply gathered in the making process, might serve to ground PaR projects.  Claims about insights produced amongst the makers in collaborative processes and claims about the impact or effectivity of projects are difficult to ‘prove’ without an additional research dimension beyond the scope of the PaR project in hand. By means of short presentations by NW-Midlands practitioner-researchers, the aim of the panel is to share possible ways of making the findings of typical PaR research processes count as evidence without too onerous a burden of additional research.  The panel will include: insider-outsider ‘readings’; ‘experiencer’ response; documentation of ‘insider’ knowledge-production.

Contibutors are:

Jane Bacon & Robin Nelson

Jane Turner & Neil Mackenzie

Anna Fenemore

Teresa Brayshaw & Shane Kinghorn

Robert Jude Daniels.





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