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Honorary degree awarded to Prof. Sir Mark Welland

14 July 2014

Recognised for his achievements and special relationship with Bristol

CQP and NSQI Physicist wins Rising Star Award

3 July 2014

Peter Shadbolt, a PhD student in the School of Physics on secondment with Imperial College London, was named as a Rising Star at the recent RISE Awards

NSQI tests Mars seismometer

3 July 2014

Team designing the NASA InSight Mars probe planetary seismometer will run calibration tests in the NSQI - the quietest space in the UK

New nanowire growth mechanism observed

12 May 2014

Beccy Boston publishes first observations of a predicted nanowire growth mechanism in Science

CQP review article published in Nature Physics

17 April 2014

The latest developments in experimental testing of wave-particle duality and Bell nonlocality are reviewed

Robotics goes micro-scale

17 April 2014

DHA group publishes work on 3D probe microscopy using optical tweezers in Nature Photonics


12 March 2014

Centre for NSQI and MANA, Japan, sign Nanomaterials & Nanodevices Memorandum of Understanding

NSQI shaken but not stirred

21 February 2014

Earthquake in the Bristol Channel on Tuesday shows up on Centre's accelerometers

NSQI 100th Project application

31 January 2014

The Centre for NSQI passed a significant milestone with its 100th project application.

Nature Photonics paper

6 January 2014

The CQP finishes 2013 with a Nature Photonics paper