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Bristol Neuroscience Society

Launched in 2003, this society was started by undergraduate students studying on the BSc Neuroscience course here in Bristol.

Neuroscience is a very popular course at Bristol University with numbers of students applying for it growing every year. With students being able to choose course modules run by different Schools: Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, Experimental Psychology, Biochemistry and more - it was felt that the Neuroscience students would benefit from having a more defined, separate identity to bring everyone together.

The Society therefore exists so that there is a recognised group which undergraduate Neuroscience students and students with a Masters pertaining to Neuroscience can claim as their own and to use as a means of meeting and sharing their common interest in Neuroscience.

The society has devised a family/house system has been devised to get fellow Neuroscientists from different years to meet and socialise with each other and to provide academic and pastoral help.

Within the family system social events are organised and are hugely popular. Socials include Picnics/BBQs, Bar crawls and pub quizzes. They are an excellent chance to speak to people, work out plans and ideas, and encourage each other through the trials and tribulations of doing a degree!

The Neuroscience Society have also designed T-Shirts and hoodies, to not only advertise the society but to also raise money for the first ever Biomedical Sciences ball.
Finally, the society is working hard to bring in top academic speakers and to host another Bristol Neuroscience Symposium to inspire the next generation of budding Neuroscientists.

If you would like to contact Bristol Neuroscience Society please email the committee at Further information can be found on the Society's webpage

Grey Walter Prize for best PhD paper

Neuroscience Research at Bristol has made an impact around the world, from synaptic and circuit function to robotics.

  • Has your paper from your thesis made a splash in your field and beyond?
  • Have you grown an idea from conception to output?
  • Was your paper published within two years of graduation from UoB?
  • Where you first, or joint-first, author?

If so, apply now to the 2018 Grey Walter Prize and WIN £100

The application deadline for the 2018 round is 4 October 2018 (please note deadline has been extended from 28 September 2018).

Please note all submitters will be required to give a three-minute-thesis-style presentation to the judging panel prior to a decision being made; further details on the application form.

Grey_Walter_appform_2018 (Office document, 52kB)

Grey_Walter_Flyer_2018 (PDF, 234kB)

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