Student activites

Students are an integral and important sector of BN.  Two groups specifically for student members - the postgraduate Callosum Colloquia Crew and undergraduate Bristol Student Society for Neuroscience - have developed on the students' own intitative with the encouragement and support of BN, and provide ways for students to be part of the larger neuroscience community.

The postgraduate 'Callosum Colloquia Crew' (CCC)

Callosum Colloquia CrewAt the core of BN student activities, a dedicated and enthusiastic group of students has joined forces to create ‘The Callosum Colloquia Crew’ (CCC). Complimenting the evening Callosum Colloquia lecture series, the CCC includes members of our active student body across neuroscience disciplines, from molecular neuroscience to neuropsychology.

The CCC gives early-career researchers (we welcome RAs, technicians and anyone else at an equivalent stage in their career, as well as postgrads) the chance to meet with others who are starting out in neuroscience, share the highs and lows, and learn about each others research projects too.

In addition, the CCC meet with some of the leading neuroscientists who visit to give talks and lectures. Previous guest have included Stephen Moss (Tufts University, USA), Stephen Hunt (UCL, UK) and Clifford Woolf (Harvard, USA), as well as special guest Professor Alan Cowey, (University of Oxford, UK), who joined students for high tea before giving the 2010 BN Lord Sainsbury Lecture. 

Moreover the CCC not only enables students - who can find their daily research routine quite isolating - to benefit from being in a supportive group, it also encourages communication and collaboration across departments. So whether you're in Experimental Psychology, Psychiatry, Physiology & Pharmacology or Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience research, the CCC will have a part for you to play in the neuroscience student body.

For more information see the CCC Facebook group
or contact CC coordinator Dr Anne Cooke,


The undergraduate 'Bristol Student Society for Neuroscience'

Bristol Neuroscience studentsLaunched in 2003, this society was started by undergraduate students studying on the BSc Neuroscience course here in Bristol.

Aims and activities


Neuroscience is a very popular course at Bristol University with numbers of students applying for it growing every year.  With students being able to choose course modules run by different departments - Physiology and Pharmacology, Experiemental Psychology, Biochemistry and more - it was felt that the neuroscience students would benefit from having a more defined, separate identity to bring everyone together.

The Society therefore exists so that there is a recognised group which undergraduate neuroscience students can claim as their own and to use as a means of meeting and sharing their common interest in neuroscience.

Past activities

A number of events have been organised through the Society.  It is great to have the chance to explore our interest outside of the Bristol lecture theatres and labs. 

These have included going to see Susan Greenfield give a lecture during the Cheltenham science festival, a trip to see Robert Winston, Sydney Brenner and Trevor Hawkins speak at At-Bristol, and gathering together to go to BN talks - such as the lectures by V.S. Ramachandran and Professor Richard Morris - and keep each other informed on interesting things going on that everyone can go to.

Other society events have been organised specially by and for students.  For example, there have been lunchtime sessions, with invited members of staff, that help answer some of those questions that keep coming up - such as:

Pub crawls, socials, and Christmas quizzes have also featured - and will no doubt continue to do so in future as well!

These are hugely popular, with lots of people turning up, both lecturers and students (even an engineer who'd heard about it and was interested in the brain). They are an excellent chance to speak to people, work out plans and ideas, and encourage each other through the trials and tribulations of doing a degree!