Neuroscience modules

Current PhD students in BN benefit from having free access to lectures on neuroscience, given by experts in the field, thanks to the wide variety of neuroscience modules that are incorporated into different taught courses across the University.

This enables students in BN to extend their knowledge in many areas of neursocience.

PLEASE NOTE - courses are contantly being updated, with times, places and content altering accordingly.  PLEASE CHECK with course organisers before setting off to any of the modules listed below.

Units related to neuroscience taught in the University of Bristol

All units taught across the University are listed on the website of the Education Support Unit.

On this website you can browse through and also search units provided by different departments, and see descriptions of the unit.  There are many units related to neuroscience.

A worked example:

Most of of the relevant units can be found by browsing those taught in core neuroscience-related departments in the faculties of:

There are also two units taught by the Faculty of Engineering:

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