BioDynamics 2013 – Where Biology, Medicine and Mathematics meet

11 September 2013, 9.00 AM - 11 September 2013, 9.00 AM

Engineer’s House Conference Centre, Bristol, UK
Date:   11-13 September 2013

BioDynamics 2013 will be the first in a series of annual international workshops designed to bring together biologists, mathematicians, clinicians, physicists, and computer scientists who are interested in dynamical systems in the biological and medical sciences. These workshops will provide a unique forum for multidisciplinary interactions, which we hope will lead to rewarding collaborations between theoretical, experimental, and clinical scientists.  This promises to provide an exciting opportunity for scientists to present their data in a multidisciplinary forum and hear how collaborations between biological scientists, clinicians and mathematicians can provide major conceptual advances in our understanding of complex systems.

The theme of BioDynamics 2013 will be “rhythms in biological systems”.  This meeting will consist of a “scene setting” afternoon, followed by  4 half-day sessions, each focusing on a particular time frame—very slow rhythms, circadian rhythms, ultradian rhythms, and very fast rhythms. Major areas that will be covered include basic and clinical neuroscience, endocrinology and cardiovascular science.  There will be two keynote presentations in each session delivered by world-leading scientists, who will talk about their cutting-edge current research and highlight important future challenges within their field.

Confirmed keynote speakers include 

  • Professor Russell Foster, University of Oxford, UK
  • Dr Michael Hastings, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK
  • Professor David Hazlerigg, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Professor Allan Herbison, University of Otago Centre for Neuroendocrinology, New Zealand
  • Professor Kevin O’Byrne, King’s College, London, UK
  • Professor David Rand, University of Warwick, UK
  • Professor James Sneyd, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Event Flyer (PDF, 392kB) (PDF [393 KB])

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