What does the brain do?

David Eagleman (Bristol Festival of Ideas) - Watershed Media Centre, Bristol

If the conscious mind - the part you consider you - is just the tip of the iceberg in the brain, what is all the rest doing?

In his new book Incognito, renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navigates the depths of the subconscious brain to illuminate surprising mysteries:

  • why can your foot move halfway to the brake pedal before you become consciously aware of danger ahead?
  • Why do you notice when your name is mentioned in a conversation that you didn't think you were listening to?
  • Why are people whose name begins with J more likely to marry other people whose name begins with J?
  • Why is it so difficult to keep a secret?
  • And how is it possible to get angry at yourself: who, exactly, is mad at whom?

In this Bristol Festival of Ideas event, come and explore the mysteries and possible explanations of the subconsious self.  Taking in brain damage, plane spotting, dating, drugs, beauty, infidelity, synaesthesia, criminal law, artificial intelligence and visual illusions, Eagleman provides a thrilling subsurface exploration of the mind and all its contradictions.

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Price: £6.00 / £5.00.

To book, contact Watershed Media Centre by phone 0117 927 5100,  book online, or visit in person.

David Eagleman is a neuroscientist and writer. As an undergraduate he majored in British and American Literature, and then earned a PhD in Neuroscience. He currently runs a neuroscience research laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine, where he studies time perception, synesthesia, and how neuroscience will influence the legal system. At night he writes fiction. www.eagleman.com

David Eagleman's work includes Sum, his remarkable collection of short stories about the afterlifes, which was turned into a performance by Brian Eno and was the only fiction book of the year nominated by the New Scientist.


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