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Professor Michael Ellison awarded AHRC grant for Transtraditional Istanbul project

29 April 2020

We are delighted to announce that Professor Michael Ellison has been awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant for his project 'Transtraditional Istanbul'.

Transtraditional Istanbul follows two basic, key principles: first that society and its functioning can be positively affected through music, and second that research demonstrated in practice creates real change.

The project addresses key development challenges for Turkey by establishing a network with four key partners (TMDK, MIAM, UoB and IKSV) dedicated to the preservation and development of traditional Turkish musical cultures in danger of disappearing––namely Bozlak and women’s throat songs (Bo─čaz Havalar─▒) from the Teke region, and by bringing this music into a contemporary, urban musical discourse.

The workshops and Gurbet Korosu (‘migration choir’) provide core activities that support development and empowerment of culturally underrepresented and disadvantaged groups within Istanbul and Turkey, youth, women and girls, powerfully influencing the young musicians of tomorrow.

It will culminate with a concert and recording by the Simsek Trio (Baglama, kemane, and Sipsi)–the first group of its kind able to play both traditional Anatolian music from oral traditions at the highest level, as well as contemporary music–-in a programme featuring three new works.


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