CHOMBEC publishes a newsletter, CHOMBEC News, twice yearly, which is distributed to Friends and Associates. As well as news and reviews, regular features include: articles on 'Music and Locality', focussing on music in the south west; features on the work of our Associates across the globe; articles introducing members of the management committee.

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Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 20 (Winter 2015/16)

  • William Greenstock – Musical Missionary – by Philip Burnett
  • News and Events: AMS Award for CHOMBEC Founder, Prof. Stephen Banfield
  • News and Events: Publication of Musica Britannica 99: Savoy Curtain-Raisers, ed. Christopher O'Brien
  • News and Events: Publication of The Music of Frank Bridge, Fabian Huss
  • News and Events: David Bednall to compose companion piece to Finzi's Magnificat
  • Conference Report: Taking British Music(s) Abroad: Soundscapes of the Imperial Message, 16 June 2015 – by Philip Burnett
  • Conference Notice: West Gallery Music Association research meeting, 6 February 2016
  • Call for Papers: Musica Scotica 2016 – 800 years of Scottish Music, Stirling, 23 – 24 April 2016
  • Call for Papers: Consuming (the) Victorians, Cardiff, 31 August – 2 September 2016
  • Research Report: Defending British Musical Modernism – by Annika Forkert
  • Corresponding Members: Percy Rideout – A Preliminary Report – by Susan Wollenberg
  • Research Students: Eric Harding Thiman: an influential musician? – by David Dewar
  • Reviews: Martin Lee-Brown & Paul Guinery, Delius and his Music (2014) – by David Bednall


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 19 (Summer 2015)

  • Imperial Surveillance: Ideologies of Late Nineteenth-Century British Music Education — by Erin Johnson-Hill
  • Conference report: The State We're In - Directions in Researching Post-1900 British Music — by Annika Forkert
  • British Library: Save Our Sounds
  • Call for Papers: The Hidden Musicians Revisited
  • Call for Papers: The Music Profession in Britain 1780-1920: New Perspectives on Status and Identity
  • New Journal: Identity Papers
  • Research reports: The Music of Frank Bridge — by Fabian Huss
  • Research students: Psychedelic Trance in Bristol — by Christopher Charles
  • Reid Concerts Database Projects, University of Edinburgh — by Fiona M Donaldson
  • Reviews: Tim Eggington, The Advancement of Music in Enlightenment England: Benjamin Cooke and the Academy of Ancient Music (2014) — by James Hobson


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 18 (Winter 2014/15)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 18 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.6 Mb)]
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  • A Message from the New CHOMBEC Directors
  • News and Events: CFP: A Celebration of the Loder family of Bath (Bath Spa University and Holburne Museum)
  • News and Events: Conference notice: The State We're In — Directions in Researching Post-1900 British Music
  • Research report: Celebrating Georgian Music — by Yvette Staelens
  • Research report: Waiting for the Genius: an Outside View on the English Musical Renaissance — by Peter Malisse
  • Research report: The Bicentennial of the Birth of William Sterndale Bennett — by Barry Sterndale Bennett
  • Research Students: Frank Bridge, Gradual Appeal, and Listening Perspectives 1913–23 — by David Weber (University of West London)
  • Reviews: Michael V Pisani, Music for the Melodramatic Theatre in Nineteenth-Century London & New York — by Stephen Banfield
  • Reviews: Felix Meyer, et al, Crosscurrents: American and European Music in Interaction, 1900–2000 — by Peter Dickinson


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 17 (Summer 2014)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 17 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.6 Mb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Constant Lambert: Beyond The Rio Grande: A Research Report and Some Afterthoughts — by Stephen Lloyd
  • Conference notice: The Music of War: 1914-1918
  • Conference notice: Musica Britannica Critical Music Editing Study Day Methodology, Sources, Repertoire, 1600-1900
  • Research Report: The Hidden Years Music Archive Project, South Africa — by Lizabé Lambrechts
  • Research Report: Editing Gurney’s Music — by Richard Carder
  • Review: Marek Korczynski, Michael Pickering and Emma Robertson, Rhythms of Labour: music at work in Britain (Cambridge University Press, 2013) — by Stephen Banfield
  • Review: Gary West, Voicing Scotland: Folk, Culture, Nation (Luath Press, 2012) — by Per Ahlander (corresponding member)
  • Review: Phillip A. Cooke and David Maw (eds), The Music of Herbert Howells (Boydell Press, 2013) — by David Bednall
  • Review: Sarah Collins, The Aesthetic Life of Cyril Scott (Boydell Press, 2013) — by Fabian Huss
  • Forthcoming events


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 16 (Winter 2013/14)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 16 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.5 Mb)]
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  • In Search of Henry Smart (1813–1879) — Peter Horton
  • News and events: Recent West Country Folk Song Research
  • News and events: NABMSA News
  • Research reports: Clement Roy Spackman (1887–1961): the next generation of Spackman music-making in the colonies — Philip Jane
  • Research reports: ‘The Tove’ Today — Matthew Thomas
  • Research reports: What’s in a name? — Celia Durk
  • Research students: British Film Music in the 1940s and 1950s — by Paul Mazey
  • Reviews: Trevor Herbert and Helen Barlow, Music & the British Military in the Long Nineteenth Century (2013) — Stephen Banfield
  • Reviews: Karen McAulay, Our Ancient National Airs: Scottish Song Collecting from the Enlightenment to the Romantic Era (2013) — Nick Nourse


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 15 (Summer 2013)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 15 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.6 Mb)]
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  • An American Composer in Georgian England: John Antes in Fulneck — Karl Kroeger
  • News and events: Introduction — Justin Williams
  • News and events: Havergal Brian Archive catalogue now available online
  • News and events: The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology
  • Conference notice: Georgian Pleasures
  • Conference notice: Wandering minstrels — the history of travelling opera in Britain
  • Conference notice: Internationalism and the arts — imagining the cosmopolis at the long fin de siècle
  • Conference report: Expressions of Britishness — Jane Angell, Eleanor Thackrey and Ben Wolf
  • Conference report: CHOMBEC conference on Frank Bridge — Fabian Huss
  • Research reports: The Empire’s forgotten orchestra — Nic Fogg
  • Research reports: Rediscovering Sturge violins — Matthew Thomas
  • Research students: The ABRSM in Ceylon/Sir Lanka, 1956–1974 — Emily Hopkins, McGill University
  • Reviews: Michael Allis, British Music and Literary Context: artistic connections in the Long nineteenth century (2012) — Stephen Banfield
  • Reviews: Wyndham Thomas, Robert Saxton (2012): Caritas — Edward Venn
  • Reviews: DRM Irving, Colonial Counterpoint: Music in Early Modern Manila (2010) — Fernando Cervantes


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 14 (Winter 2012/13)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 14 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.95 Mb)]
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  • The Havergal Brian Archive comes to Bristol
  • News and events:  Another minor research archive for Bristol University Library — by Stephen Banfield
  • Conference report: CHOMBEC Conference on Frank Bridge, 23 March 2013
  • Conference report: International Musicological Society Conference 2012 — Makiko Hayasaka
  • Research report: Further research on Robert Saxton — Wyndham Thomas
  • Research report: Re-evaluating Sir George Dyson — Paul Spicer
  • Research report: A history of the BBC’s collaboration with competitive music festivals in Northern Ireland, 19124–39 — Ruth Stanley
  • Research report: Scottish songs — and fiddle tunes — Karen McAulay
  • From our Corresponding members: ‘Twa Hours at Hame’: Taking the Songs of Scotland around the world — Marjory Kennedy-Fraser: A Life of Song — Wagner’s Dutchman: A flying Hebridean in disguise? — Per Ahlander, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh
  • From our Corresponding members: News from France — Amanda Haste
  • Research students: A Singaporean composer in London — Jun Zubillaga-Pow, King’s College London


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 13 (Summer 2012)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 13 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.65 Mb)]
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  • Australia’s First (British) Musical Import: The ‘Rogue’s March’ – Nick Nourse
  • Retirement of Stephen Banfield – John Pickard
  • Conference report: Papers on British Music at the Society for Musicology in Ireland Annual Conference, Dundalk, June 2012 – Fabian Huss
  • Theatre Histories / Music Histories Series, University of Bristol – Catherine Hindson
  • The English Music Festival 2012 – Em Marshall-Luck
  • Relocation of Robert Lucas Pearsall’s Gravestone
  • Research reports: English Music in the Festival of Britain’s Season of the Arts – Nathaniel G Lew
  • Research reports: Music in the Mander and Mitchenson Theatre Collection – Christopher O’Brien
  • From our corresponding members: The Music and Musicians of Bath’s Eighteenth-Century Proprietary Chapels – Mathew Spring, Bath Spa University
  • From our corresponding members: Music Criticism in Late Nineteenth-Century England – Paul Wat, Monash University
  • Research students: Organ Recitals at the Brighton Aquarium – Makiko Hayasaka
  • Review: Nicholas Temperley and Stephen Banfield, eds, Music and the Wesleys – Sam Allchurch


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 12 (Winter 2011/2012)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 12 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (1.4 Mb)]
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  • Jeanice Brooks – ‘Music at Killerton’: an Exciting New Research Project from the University of Southampton
  • Wyndham Thomas – Landmarks in Music since 1950
  • Esmeralda Rocha – Australian Conference
  • Fabian Huss – EJ Moeran Second Symphony Article and Score
  • Em Marshall – The English Music Festival 2011
  • Research Report – ‘A Gem of Purest Ray Serene’: Exploring the Sonata for Piano and Violin of Arthur Bliss, by Rupert Luck
  • From Our Corresponding Members:
  • 1: Libby Concord, News from British Columbia
  • 2: Morag J Grant, Dr Kenneth Elliott (1929-2011), An Appreciation
  • 3: Kate Bowan, Music and the ‘Civilising’ Mission in the Colonies of Settlement
  • Research Students 11: William Yeates Hurlstone (1876 – 1906), by Christopher Redwood
  • Review: Stephen Banfield reviews Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, a Musical Life by Jeffrey Green


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 11 (Summer 2011)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 11 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (0.75 Mb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Jennifer Hill – The ‘New’ Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne
  • Stephen Banfield – Acquisition of the Mander & Mitchenson Collection
  • Lewis Foreman – Henry Walford Davies: an appraisal
  • Peter Holman introduces his new book, Life After Death: Viola da Gamba in Britain from Purcell to Dolmetsch
  • Music and Locality: 8 – ‘Revd. Charles Marson and his Contribution to the English Folk Revival’ by David Sutcliffe
  • From our Corresponding Members 1: ‘Music in the Oxford Women’s Colleges’ by Susan Wollenberg
  • From our Corresponding Members 2: ‘Report from France’ by Amanda Haste
  • Research Projects – ‘The Early Music Pioneer Archives’ by Paul Thwaites
  • Research Projects – ‘Transports of Delight: The Broadwood Archive’ by Madeline Goold
  • Research Students 10 – ‘Ivor Gurney’s Piano Trios’ by Richard Carder
  • Review – David Manning reviews Erik Chisholm Scottish Modernist (1904—1965): Chasing a Restless Muse by John Purser


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 10 (Winter 2010/11)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 10 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (1.0 Mb)]
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  • Report: ‘Music and the Wesleys Successfully Launched’
  • Conference Reports: Marshall Hall Symposium, Melbourne, by Sue Robinson
  • Conference on British Music, Melbourne, by Paul Watt
  • Music and Locality 7: ‘Mapping the Singing Landscape’ by Yvette Staelens
  • ‘The Music of Georgian Bath’ by Matthew Spring
  • Research Reports: 1. Anne-Marie Forbes, ‘“Songs of Experience”, the Contribution of Fritz Hart’
  • Research Reports:2. Sue Cole, ‘Sir Richard R Terry and the Tudor Church Music Edition’
  • Research Students 9: Philip Burnett, ‘The Music of the Anglican Missions in the Eastern Cape’
  • Forthcoming: ‘Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival’, by Gavin Skinner


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 9 (Summer 2010)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 9 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (1.4 Mb)]
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  • Report on the fourth CHOMBEC conference, ‘Worlds to Conquer’
  • Report by Fabian Huss on CHOMBEC’s ‘“O Vision Entrancing”–a British opera study-day: exploring the history of British operas, musicians and travelling opera in the 19th and 20th centuries’
  • Music and Locality 6: ‘Samuel Sebastian Wesley and Bristol’, by Peter Horton
  • ‘From the Hotwells to Avonmouth Industrial Estate; 150 years of Bristol’s pleasure gardens’, by Nick Nourse
  • Research reports: Celia Durk on ‘Sydney Jones (1861–1946)
  • Research reports: A J Parker on ‘A west gallery manuscript from Dunster’
  • Research reports: Timothy Byram-Wigfield on ‘Alfred Hollins’
  • Research students 8: ‘Anglican monastic music in the 21st century’, Amanda Haste
  • Research students: ‘Sir John Leman Rogers (1780¬–1847) visits the Antipodes’, James Hobson


Contents: CHOMBEC News, Issue 8 (Winter 2009/10)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 8 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (840 Kb)]
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  • Report on the 7th Biennial Conference on Music in 19th-Century Britain, held at the University of Bristol last year
  • Report on the CHOMBEC lectures by Tom Sutcliffe and Guido Heldt at the University of Bristol last year
  • Music in the West Country: its social history from the late 17th century - a progress report by Stephen Banfield
  • 'Civilising Calcutta: Opera as a tool of colonisation in 1830s Calcutta', by Esmeralda Rocha
  • Research reports: Janet Snowman reports on 'Pardon Miss Westcott'
  • Research reports: Steven Martin reports on 'British Opera on Television, 1936-1938'
  • Research reports: Geoff Woolfe reports on 'A Somerset Fiddle-Player's Manuscript'
  • From Australia a call for papers for the Conference on British Music, Monash University, Sept. 2010
  • Research students: Fabian Huss reports on 'The Chamber Music of Frank Bridge'
  • Events


Contents: Issue 7 (Summer 2009)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 7 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (680 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Welcome from the new director, John Pickard
  • CHOMBEC news and events: Monash University’s British Music research cluster, Paul Watt
  • CHOMBEC news and events: ‘Recital of English and Bristol-related Songs’, by  Christopher Redwood
  • ‘British Music Studies in North America: a brief history of NABMSA’, by Dorothy de Val
  • Research Reports: Jeremy Maritz, ‘British organ-building in South Africa’
  • Research Reports: Matthew Thomas, ‘William Wrenn: Bristol’s forgotten flute-player’
  • Research Reports: Jonathan James Small and Martin J. Crossley Evans, ‘Ernest Bryant Crampton M.A. (1881-1941) – The Man and his Music’
  • From our corresponding members: ‘The Ethel Smyth Symposium, Detmold, September 2008’, by Susan Wollenberg
  • From our corresponding members: ‘British Music in Chicago: two recent concerts’, by Karl Kroeger
  • Research students: ‘Who took the singing out of popular song? The demise of the people’s song in England and the Empire, 1800–1850’, Nick Nourse
  • Research students: ‘Bath in Peril’, Andrew Clarke
  • From the newspapers a century ago
  • Events


Contents: Issue 6 (Winter 2008)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 6 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (557 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Welcome from the Director
  • CHOMBEC Workshop Report: The Sounds of Stonehenge
  • News: Music from Georgian Bristol CHOMBEC concert
  • Archive News: Giles Cooke on The John Raynor Archive
  • From our Honorary Associates 5: Harry Diack Johnstone
  • Research Reports: Kirsty Reid on Ballads,
  • Nick Morgan on The National Gramophonic Society,
  • Morag Grant on Music, Conflict and the State
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From the Archives: David Hackbridge Johnson on The Frank Merrick Archive at Bristol University
  • Paul Watt: Third Study Day, Australian Study Group for British Music
  • Libby Concord: Of Women and Music in Colonial Victoria
  • Research Students 4: Douglas Stevens, Assessing the Music of Sir Lennox Berkeley
  • Esmeralda Rocha: Opera across the British Empire During the Victorian Era
  • Book Review by James Hobson of Suzanne Cole, Thomas Tallis and his Music in Victorian England
  • Study day: Celia Durk reports on 'Cultivating Britons: culture and identity in Britain, 1901-1936'
  • Study day: James Hobson reports on 'English Cathedral Music: the long 19th century to the present'


Contents: Issue 5 (Summer 2008)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 5 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (616 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Welcome from the Director
  • The Edgar Hunt Estate Bequest
  • News: Rubbra Revived: Sinfonia sacra and Beyond
  • Giles Cooke: A Tippett Archive
  • Philip Payton reports
  • Michael Wright and Angela Impey: The Birmingham-KwaZulu Natal Connection
  • David R M Irving: Musical colonialism in the far east
  • Philip Lancaster: 'A gathering place of beauty' Recent developments in the research into the life and work of Ivor Gurney
  • Karl Kroeger: Leicester's Lady Organists, 1770-1800
  • Richard Barnard: Otto
  • Sue Cole: Tudorism
  • James Hobson: Austin Phillips
  • Book review by John Pickard on David Manning (ed.), Vaughan Williams on Music
  • Study day review by Celia Durk: Exploring Cornish Music
  • Book review by Karl Kroeger on Nicholas Temperley and Sally Drage (eds.), Eighteenth-Century Psalmody


Contents: Issue 4 (Winter 2007)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 4 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (1131 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Welcome from the Director
  • The Stanley Godman Archive
  • Archival donation: The Bristol Madrigal Society Archive
  • News: William Byrd: The Songs and English Church Music
  • Preview: Two CHOMBEC Workshops: Vaughan Williams and Rubbra
  • Music and Locality 3: Wyndham Thomas, 'Making their Mark in New Zealand: The Contrasting Fortunes of Harry and Herbert Spackman, c.1882-1900'
  • Roe-Min Kok, 'Growing Up with Western Classical Music in Malaysia'
  • Morag Grant, 'Auld Lang Syne: Notes from a Journey'
  • Kate Bowan, 'Some Early 20th-Century Australian Music in Context'
  • Stephanus Muller, 'The Documentation Centre for Music (DOMUS), University of Stellensbosch, South Africa'
  • Research Students 4: Steven Martin, 'Edward Naylor's Tokugawa Overture and the Nanki Auditorium'
  • News from the CHOMBEC Management Committee 4: Guido Heldt
  • Book Review by Robert Bickers of K.Darian-Smith, P.Grimshaw and S.Macintyre (eds) Britishness Abroad: Transnational Movements and Imperial Cultures (Melbourne University Press, 2007)
  • Festival Review: Diana McVeagh, '18th Annual Bard Music Festival: Elgar and his World'
  • Forthcoming events


Contents: Issue 3 (Summer 2007)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 3 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (847 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • Welcome from the Director
  • Music, Cultural History and the Wesleys [a review of the CHOMBEC conference, July 2007]
  • Archival donation: CHOMBEC receives the papers of musicologist Stanley Godman
  • Music and Locality 2: Susan Wollenberg, 'Remnant of a lost civilisation? Margaret Deneke and Music in Oxford (and elsewhere)'
  • From our Honorary Associates 3: Nicholas Temperley, 'More Psalms, Hymns and Anthems'
  • Research Students 3: Andrew Britton, 'The Guitar in Bristol and Bath in the Early 19th Century'
  • Yu Lee An, Music Publishing in London from 1780 to 1837 as reflected in the Music Publishers' Catalogues'
  • Review: Andrew Brown, 'Sir George Dyson and The Canterbury Pilgrims: A Celebration.
  • CHOMBEC Study Day on Sir George Dyson, 17 March 2007: conversation between Freeman Dyson and Stephen Banfield [transcription]
  • Sue Cole, '2nd British Music Study Day – Saturday 5 May 2007'
  • Book review by James Hobson of Brian Robins, Catch and Glee Culture in Eighteenth-Century England (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2006)
  • Forthcoming events


Contents: Issue 2 (Winter 2006)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 2 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (728 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • A message from the Director
  • Celebrating George Dyson: study day and performance of The Canterbury Pilgrims on 17 March
  • Archival donation: CHOMBEC receives the papers of musicologist Stanley Godman
  • Music and Locality 2: Susan Wollenberg, 'Remnant of a lost civilisation? Margaret Deneke and Music in Oxford (and elsewhere)'
  • From our Honorary Associates 2: Barry Smith, 'Music Makers in Cape Town'
  • Research Students 2: Amanda Haste, 'The Role of Music in Anglican Monastic Communities in the 20th Century'
  • News from the CHOMBEC Management Committee 2: Ronald Hutton, 'Druids: the Musical'
  • Project Update: Ivor Gurney
  • Sue Cole, Report on the inaugural Study Day held by the Australian Study Group for British Music
  • Book review by Christopher Fifield of Lionel Carley, Edvard Grieg in England (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2006)
  • Forthcoming events
  • Announcement of Second CHOMBEC Conference, marking the tercentenary of Charles Wesley's birth: 'Music, Cultural History and the Wesleys'


Contents: Issue 1 (Summer 2006)

CHOMBEC News, Issue 1 can be downloaded here [Adobe PDF (596 Kb)]
(Download the Adobe PDF reader here)

  • A message from the Director
  • Review: The CHOMBEC launch, 20 March 2006
  • Archival donation: CHOMBEC offers a new home to the manuscripts of John Raynor
  • Music and Locality 1: Wyndham Thomas, 'The Spackman Family: Domestic and Professional Music-Making in Corsham and the Colonies (c.1860-1940)'
  • James Hobson, 'Robert Lucas Pearsall'
  • From our Honorary Associates 1: Kerry Murphy, 'Letter from Australia'
  • News from the CHOMBEC Management Committee: Philip Lancaster
  • David Manning and John Pickard, 'Bristol's Musical History: A View from the University Archives'
  • Forthcoming events


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