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an AHRC funded research project

postdoctoral research

The project supports the research of three postdoctoral fellows for three years.

The topics of postdoctoral research are :

postdoctoral fellows

Dr Francis Longworth (Birmingham)

Francis recently completed his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh entitled 'Causation and Pluralism'. He was previously an Assistant Professor in Philosophy at Ohio University. Francis is currently working on 'Causation'.

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Dr Emma Tobin (Bristol)

Emma completed her Ph.D. at Trinity College Dublin entitled 'On the Disunity of the Sciences and Ceteris Paribus Laws' in 2006. She previously worked as a Teaching Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. Emma is now specialising on natural kinds. She is interested in pursuing the links between ceteris paribus laws and the putative kinds of the special sciences. She is exploring questions concerning the links between natural kinds and causation; namely whether causation is itself a natural kind and whether the relata of causal relations are natural kinds. Emma is particularly interested in analysing the possible causal mechanisms which may be responsible for establishing the unity of natural kinds in the life sciences (e.g. Biology). Emma is also interested in how the more particular problems concerning natural kinds and laws influence more general problems like scientific realism, scientific explanation and causation.


Dr Markus Schrenk (Nottingham)

Markus has completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2006. Before starting in Nottingham he was a Junior Research Fellow and Lecturer at Worcester College, Oxford. Markus specialises in Laws of Nature, Causation, Dispositions, and De Re Necessity: anything that might hold the otherwise loose and separate world together. He is also interested in Schopenhauer.

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