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Nature and its Classification

A Metaphysics of Science Conference

Photos Available Here (Courtesy of Tuomas Tahko (Durham))

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial assistance provided by the AHRC and the British Society for the Philosophy of Science.

Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October 2007

Jurys Inn Birmingham, 245 Broad Street, Birmingham, UK, B1 2HQ

Convenors: Nigel Leary and Francis Longworth (Birmingham)

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The broad topic of the conference is natural kinds as they appear across the literature in metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language and philosophy of mind.

Confirmed Speakers:

Plenary Sessions
  1. Alexander Bird (Bristol)
  2. Richard Boyd (Cornell)
  3. John Dupré (Exeter)
  4. Allan Gotthelf (Pittsburgh)
  5. Paul Griffiths (Sydney/Exeter)
  6. Joseph LaPorte (Hope College)
  7. Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh)
  8. Ruth Millikan (Connecticut)
  9. David Oderberg (Reading)
  10. Jonathan Schaffer (ANU)
  11. Ãsa Wikforss (Stockholm)
  12. Jessica Wilson (Toronto)
  13. Parallel Sessions:
  14. Corine Besson/ (Oxford)
  15. Corinne Bloch (Tel Aviv/Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  16. Ingo Brigandt (Alberta)
  17. Massimiliano Carrara (Padova) & Pieter Vermaas (Delft)
  18. Rachel Cooper (Lancaster)
  19. Mark Couch (Seton Hall)
  20. Malte Dahlgrün (RWTH Aachen)
  21. Stefan Dragulinescu (Lancaster)
  22. Gary Gabor (Fordham)
  23. Trond Jakobsen (Lillehammer University College)
  24. Andreas Kamlah (Osnabrück)
  25. Amir Karbasizadeh (Iranian Institute for Philosophy)
  26. Ian Kidd (Durham)
  27. Gal Kober (Boston University)
  28. Nigel Leary (Birmingham)
  29. Svein Lie (Tromso/Nottingham)
  30. Francis Longworth (Birmingham/Ohio)
  31. Genoveva Marti (Barcelona)
  32. Jose Martinez (Barcelona)
  33. Harold Noonan (Nottingham)
  34. Joanna Odrowaz-Sypniewska (Warsaw)
  35. Greg Salmieri (Pittsburgh)
  36. Matthew Slater (Idaho)
  37. Peter Sykora (UCM, Trnava)
  38. Tuomas Tahko (Durham)
  39. Emma Tobin (Bristol)
  40. Matt Tugby (Nottingham)
  41. Eileen Walker (Reading)