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Nature and its Classification Photos

A Metaphysics of Science Conference

Alexander Bird

Alexander Bird Commenting on LaPorte’s Natural Kinds and Conceptual Change in “Essences of Natural Kinds: Discovery or Stipulation?

John Dupre

John Dupré Commenting on LaPorte’s Natural Kinds and Conceptual Change. Dupré’s paper was based partly on his review of LaPorte’s book for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (Review)

Joseph LaPorte Alexander Bird and John Dupre

Plenary Discussion - Richard Boyd’s question to the panel. From left : Joseph LaPorte, Alexander Bird and John Dupré

Harold Noonan

Harold Noonan speaking about “The Commonalities between Proper Names and Natural Kind Terms: A Fregean Perspective”

Edouard Machery

Edouard Machery speaking about “Two Types of Eliminativism: Semantic Eliminativism and Scientific Eliminativism”

David Oderberg

David Oderberg speaking about “The Nature and Classification of Life”

Ăsa Wikforss

Ăsa Wikforss “Are Natural Kind Terms Special?

Jonathan Schaffer

Jonathan Schaffer speaking about “The Internal Relatedness of All Things”

Post Conference Drinks

Conference Participants Socialising in the Conference Bar