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MoS ’09 Conference Nottingham

12–14 September 2009

AHRC Metaphysics of Science Project
Nottingham | Bristol | Birmingham

Days Hotel Nottingham, 17–31 Wollaton Street, Nottingham, NG1 5FW


Stephen Mumford | Markus Schrenk | Matthew Tugby

For further details email Markus ( or Matthew (

The broad topic of the conference will be metaphysics of science, covering the core areas of causation, dispositions, laws and natural kinds.

Keynote Speakers

Call for papers

We welcome submissions from graduate students as well as from academics on the above subjects for multiple parallel sessions. Please indicate if you wish to be considered from the graduate sessions which will be held separately.

Detailed abstracts of ca. 1,000 words outlining the main arguments of your paper should be sent by email attachment to Markus ( or Matthew (

You may, alternatively, submit the full paper, accompanied by a shorter abstract. If we are unable to decide about a paper based on the abstract, we may request that the full length paper be sent to us for consideration. Please note: our ability to accommodate all papers may be restricted.

Important Dates

March 09: Registration Forms Online
15 May 09: Deadline for Submissions
Mid June 09: Notifications
15 July 09: Deadline for Early Registration
31 August 09: Deadline Late Registrations