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Our clinical Academies offer you real-life training and experience in a wide range of NHS environments across the South West of England. Our Academies are teaching and learning facilities based within seven NHS Trusts, and function as University of Bristol campuses that are located outside of the main University precinct. They will be at the centre of your clinical teaching as an undergraduate medical student and give you the opportunity to learn with a remarkable range of clinical teachers from primary care, mental health and acute care backgrounds across the seven Trusts.

Each Academy has the resources you would expect on University campus, including lecture and seminar rooms, library and IT facilities, and a student common room. Postgraduate medical trainees, nurses and other allied medical professionals share these resources and facilities with our students, making learning a truly multi-professional experience.

Over the course of your medical training, you will rotate through and spend time in most of our seven clinical Academies and see a wide variety of patients and care within our network. Each clinical Academy is led by an academy medical dean who has responsibility for academic leadership and for students’ academic supervision and pastoral care.

You can find out more about each of the Academies by selecting the tabs - travel expense claim forms for each academy can also be found here.

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When will I attend an Academy?

You will have four separate weeks in the same Academy in Year 2 and four separate weeks for LiTHE in a different Academy (towards the end of year 2 or at the end of your intercalation year) which will be the Academy that you will spend the first half of Year 3 in. The majority of your teaching in Years 3-5 will take place in the Academy network.

Year 3 – two consecutive 9-week units at a Bristol/Bath Academy and then two further units at an out of Bristol Academy, or vice versa.
Year 4 – four units at an Academy; you will be based at two Academies at least.
Year 5 – two units at an Academy. At least one of these will be Bath or a Bristol Academy.

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Is accommodation provided at the Academies?

Free accommodation for all students is provided in all out-of-Bristol Academies.

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How does the University choose my Academy placements?

The placement policy (available in the rules and policies handbook) applies to you in your clinical years. This policy ensures that our placement procedures are fair and transparent to all students and that the Medical School complies with all relevant legislation including the Disability Discrimination and Equality Acts. You will be given the opportunity to apply for priority allocation if you have special requirements as shown in the placement policy. You should expect to have placements in at least five different Academies during your undergraduate studies.

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Note: some of the documents on this page are in PDF format. In order to view a PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

Bath Academy

Clare Taylor

Miss Clare Taylor, Bath Academy Dean

Seminar teaching at Bath Academy

Seminar teaching, Bath Academy


  • Bath Academy
  • Education Centre
  • Royal United Hospital
  • Combe Park
  • Bath BA1 3NG

Maureen Jacobs

The Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust provides acute treatment and care for a catchment population of around 500,000 people in Bath, and the surrounding towns and villages in north east Somerset and western Wiltshire. The Trust provides 565 beds and a comprehensive range of acute services including medicine and surgery, services for women and children, accident and emergency services, and diagnostic and clinical support services. Located 14 miles from Bristol and approximately 1.5 miles from Bath city centre, the Academy can take over 100 students at any one time. You will live on the Trust site for your placement and will attend the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases for their rheumatology teaching.

Bath Academy - sitemap (PDF, 395 kB)

Bath Academy - general information (PDF, 294 kB)

Bath Academy - accommodation FAQs (PDF, 98 kB)

Bath Academy - travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 188 kB)

Royal United Hospital Trust

Find out more about the City of Bath

Gloucestershire Academy

Dr Peter Fletcher

Dr Peter Fletcher, Gloucestershire Academy Dean

A tutorial at Gloucester Academy

Small-group teaching at Gloucester


  • Gloucestershire Academy
  • Redwood Education Centre
  • Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
  • Great Western Road
  • Gloucester GL1 3NN


Angie Coulson

Gloucestershire is the largest Academy outside of Bristol and consists of two sites - Gloucester and Cheltenham. Both sites provide free accommodation and facilities including an Education Centre, library, and modern teaching and seminar rooms.

Select the following link for more information about Gloucestershire Academy.

Gloucestershire Academy - Bristol students

For Gloucester travel claim form click on the link above and then choose the Forms tab on the left

North Bristol Academy

Justin Morgan

Mr Justin Morgan, N Bristol Academy Dean

Teaching at Southmead Academy

Learning and Research Building, Southmead


  • North Bristol Academy
  • Learning and Research Building
  • Southmead Hospital
  • Bristol BS10 5NB


Ros Shoebridge

North Bristol is the largest NHS Trust in the South West and is sited at Southmead Hospital. The Academy is based in the Learning & Research building which is a purpose-built facility offering well equipped teaching rooms, simulation suites, a library and student common room and can take up to 200 students from Years 2-5 at any one time. Clinical teaching will take place in the new £430 million, 800 bed hospital.

North Bristol Academy - Southmead Hospital site map (PDF, 611 kB)

North Bristol Academy - handbook (PDF, 83 kB)

North Bristol Academy - facilities (PDF, 69 kB)

North Bristol Academy - travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 28 kB) - ALL areas need to be completed INCLUDING addresses

North Bristol Trust

South Bristol Academy

Jane Sansom

Dr Jane Sansom, S Bristol Academy Dean

Students practicising clinical skills

Students practicing clinical skills


  • South Bristol Academy
  • Dolphin House
  • Bristol Royal Infirmary
  • Bristol BS2 8HW


Suzan Fowweather

The South Bristol Academy provides clinical teaching and learning opportunities at a number of hospitals, namely the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI), including the Bristol Heart Institute, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre, Bristol Eye Hospital and St Michael's Hospital. You will also be taught at the University Hospitals Bristol Education Centre. These facilities are within walking distance of the main University precinct.

The Bristol Royal Infirmary provides a full range of hospital services for the population of south Bristol, together with tertiary services for cardio-thoracic, paediatric and oncology patients for the South West.

In addition, students are welcome to attend clinics and ward rounds in the South Bristol Community Hospital, if relevant to their attachment. You can get to the site by using the following bus services: 20, 36, 75, 76 and 90. There is a bus stop outside the hospital. If you are unsure of which stop, just ask the driver.

The Academy Office team will welcome you on your clinical placement. They operate an open door policy, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

South Bristol Academy - handbook (PDF, 316 kB)

South Bristol Academy - facilities (PDF, 69 kB)

South Bristol Academy - travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 30 kB) - For travel to and from GP placements

University Hospitals Bristol Trust

North Somerset Academy

Bee Martin

Miss Bee Martin, N Somerset Academy Dean

Weston Academy building

N Somerset Academy


  • North Somerset Academy
  • Weston General Hospital
  • Grange Road
  • Uphill, nr Weston-Super-Mare
  • Somerset BS23 4TQ


Lissette Lock

The North Somerset Academy is based on the site of Weston General Hospital. You will be among students who are able to take advantage of our £2 million Academy building and Education Centre. We also have a new, well equipped, light and airy library to support you with your studies. We can take a maximum of 55 students at any one time and provide a contrasting experience to the larger Academies.

Weston General is a small and friendly district hospital in a seaside town. We accept 2nd, 3rd and 5th year students. Our accommodation is well appointed and is very close to the hospital. The 3rd year and 5th year blocks are residential and accommodation is provided for you on site.

We hope you will make the most of the learning environment at North Somerset.

North Somerset Academy - site map (PDF, 131 kB)

North Somerset Academy - accommodation FAQs (PDF, 119 kB)

North Somerset Academy - travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 810 kB)

Weston Area Health Trust

Find out more about the town of  Weston Super Mare

Somerset Academy

Stephen Hunter

Dr Stephen Hunter, Somerset Academy Dean

Yeovil District Hospital sign

Yeovil District Hospital


  • Somerset Academy - Taunton
  • Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
  • Musgrove Park Hospital
  • Taunton
  • Somerset TA1 5DA

  • Somerset Academy - Yeovil
  • Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Higher Kingston
  • Yeovil
  • Somerset BA21 4AT


Jessica Taylor (Taunton)

Hayley Gibson (Yeovil)

The Somerset Academy is based on two sites - Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton and Yeovil District Hospital. There are plenty of opportunities for teaching and clinical experience in both acute and community medicine at these busy district general hospitals. Free accommodation is provided at both sites.

Somerset Academy - Taunton handbook (PDF, 528 kB)

Somerset Academy - Taunton directions, parking information, site map (PDF, 947 kB)

Somerset Academy - Taunton accommodation FAQs (PDF, 188 kB)

Somerset Academy - Taunton travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 9 kB)

Somerset Academy - Yeovil handbook (PDF, 175 kB)

Somerset Academy - Yeovil directions (PDF, 129 kB)

Somerset Academy - Yeovil accommodation FAQs (PDF, 124 kB)

Somerset Academy - Yeovil travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 64 kB)

Taunton Hospital

Yeovil District Trust

Find out more about the towns of Yeovil and Taunton

Swindon Academy

Kevin Jones

Mr Kevin Jones, Swindon Academy Dean

Pediatric simulator training

Pediatric simulator training


  • Swindon Academy
  • Lower Ground Floor
  • Great Western Hospital
  • Marlborough Road
  • Swindon, SN3 6BB


Roshan Printer

Each year at Swindon we teach over 200 University of Bristol students in the 2nd, 4th and 5th years of their undergraduate course. The Academy provides a formal setting for learning and teaching for a wide range of health care professionals as well as students from other medical schools.

The Great Western Hospital is an excellent place to train as a medical student and we are very proud of the educational programme we offer here. It is a new, purpose built hospital with state of the art facilities for patients and staff.

We hope you will use the opportunities provided to develop your knowledge and skills, so that you can qualify as a doctor equipped to provide excellent patient care.

Swindon Academy - handbook (PDF, 5,930 kB)

Swindon Academy - directions (PDF, 10 kB)

Swindon Academy - accommodation FAQs (PDF, 124 kB)

Swindon Academy - GP placements (PDF, 7 kB)

Swindon Academy - travel claim form 12-13 (PDF, 100 kB)

Great Western Hospitals Trust

Swindon guide for Bristol Medical Students

Find out more about the town of Swindon