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Bristol Biobank can prepare samples for analysis and storage. Frozen samples are stored in a dedicated freezer room with remote alarm systems to monitor cold storage.

A sample tracking system is in use, which enables researchers to determine what samples are available for research collaborations and to ensure compliance with the Human Tissue Authority.

Deposit samples

  • All samples must have been collected with consent for use in future research.
  • Samples deposited may be samples surplus to medical requirements or end of study deposits.
  • The Bristol Biobank Management Committee will review applications and approve deposits.

Apply to deposit samples in Bristol Biobank (Office document, 58kB)
Please return completed forms to bristol-biobank@bristol.ac.uk

Samples may also be collected for deposit using Biobank consent and patient information documents. These collections will take place under the NHS Research Ethics Committee generic Research Tissue Bank approval, provided it falls within the remit of the Bristol Biobank approval.

Request samples

To use any samples deposited in the Biobank, please apply using this form:

Apply to use samples held in Bristol Biobank (Office document, 51kB)
Please return completed forms to bristol-biobank@bristol.ac.uk

Licence and ethics approval

The Bristol Biobank is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (licence number 12512) to store human tissue for research. It has ethics approval from Wales Research Ethics Committee 3 as a research tissue bank to collect and issue biomaterials for biomedical research across a range of therapeutic areas.


Bristol Biobank is a collaboration between the University of Bristol and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, with funding from the David Telling Charitable Trust.


Bristol Biobank
Bristol Royal Infirmary
Research Floor Level 7
Queen’s Building
Upper Maudlin Street
Bristol BS2 8HW
Tel: +44 (0)117 342 4946
Email: bristol-biobank@bristol.ac.uk

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