Welcome to Reproductive Health and Care of the Newborn

RHCN is a module where you will learn about all elements of womens’ health and reproductive health. This module has always been very popular with students with small group teaching in the academies and a portfolio that ensures you cover the curriculum during your placement. The course elements are; obstetrics, gynaecology, care of the newborn and sexual health.


Obstetrics deals specifically with pregnancy, and obstetricians have the task of looking after two (or more) patients simultaneously – the pregnant woman and the fetus(es). All physiological systems are altered by pregnancy, and pregnancy can affect pre-existing disorders usually dealt with by other specialists.


Gynaecology is concerned with all other aspects of the reproductive mechanism, including early pregnancy problems. Since most doctors are involved in the care of female patients, experience in this discipline is required of all students.

Care of the Newborn

Care of the Newborn concerns the medical care of newborn babies. A lot of antenatal and intrapartum care is done for the sake of the baby rather than the mother. You cannot understand obstetrics unless you understand babies! A doctor in primary health care may be asked to see a baby that is only two days old and needs to know what may be life threatening and what is normal adaptation.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health deals with sexually transmitted diseases in both sexes, many of which can have a long term impact on the reproductive health of men and women. As in O&G, health care professionals need both sensitivity and knowledge of human sexuality in order to deal with patients’ concerns.