Self tests

These revision tests are part of a collection of 17 exercises available to you throughout this academic year.  They are written with the standard in mind of the year they are examined in - MDEMO for year 3 RHCN and sample written exam questions for year 4, and most of the Medicine and Surgery at year 5 standard. 

Select the link below to access the tests:

The formative tests will be useful for your studies and revision. Each test contains up to 10 questions. After submitting your test you will be able to compare your entries with the correct answers; most of the tests also have comprehensive feedback. The questions are for general revision and do not necessarily represent your forthcoming exams. Most are not in the ‘Best of Five’ format (apart from the obstetrics and sample written questions), but they all have good quality feedback associated with them.

Useful revision sites

The following external sites have been recommended as good revision aids by our students:

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