Liaison psychiatry teaching day (pilot)

In the following video Dr John Potokar (University Lead for Psychiatry teaching) introduces the Liaison Psychiatry pilot day.

After watching, look online or back over your biochemistry notes and find out the name of the enzyme that Interferon and other pro-inflammatory cytokines induce which preferentially metabolises tryptophan down the neurotoxic route and reduces 5-HT availability. HINT - it's 3 letters! The first 10 correct responses to will receive a free copy of a recent British Journal of Psychiatry Journal. The serotonin depleting and or neurotoxic consequences of this enzyme induction may partially explain the high rates of depression which occur when patients with hepatitis C are treated with interferon. 

For more information on this fascinating inflammatory model of depression see this journal article.

Please also see the following resources:

- a short video from the RCPsych which explains the role of a Liaison Psychiatrist in more depth.

- the videos from the RCPsych's resources page, which will aid learning.


Please complete the Psychiatry in the General Hospital Evaluation form, all completed forms to be sent to