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Personal details
Name Professor Stephen Halford
Job title Emeritus Professor
Department School of Biochemistry University of Bristol
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work+44 (0)117 331 8092
Qualifications BSc, PhD(Bristol), DSc, FRS
Professional details
Membership of professional bodies Fellow of Royal Society
Keywords endonuclease
enzyme kinetics
DNA-protein interaction
DNA structure
Areas of expertise I focus on type II restriction endonucleases which require two copies of their recognition site in order to cleave DNA. These proteins are of interest as models for DNA-protein interactions and long-range communications between distant DNA sites. Below is an overview of the specific enzymes I study:
-Long rage communications: mechanisms by which restriction enzymes can mediate long range communications.
-SfiI: a tetramer which binds to and cleaves two sites concertedly. It is a type IIf endonuclease.
-SgrAI: a type IIf endonuclease. It exists as a monomer/dimer equilibrium in solution and is thought to tetramise on DNA.
-BspMI: a tetrameric type IIs endonuclease which binds to and cleaves two sites concertedly. It is unusual because most type IIs endonucleases are monomeric in solution.
-FokI: a type IIs endonuclease which binds to two sites but cleaves only one.
-BbvCI: a heterodimeric type II endonuclease which binds to an asymmetric recognition sequence.