Project (40cp)

Unit aims

To give students an opportunity to study an advanced topic of their choice in signifcant breadth and depth over an extended period of time, working more or less independently, and to develop experience of report-writing, oral presentation and poster presentation.

Unit description

There is a very wide range of topics available. Full details are given in the project handbook, available on Blackboard.

Learning objectives

  • How to independently research an advanced mathematical topic
  • How to use the mathematical literature
  • How to manage time over the length of the project
  • How to write a report on the work that has been carried out
  • How to give a technical presenatation
  • How to synthesize multiple primary sources into a cohesive thesis
  • How to construct new mathematical arguments, or elucidate gaps in the standard presentations of arguments
  • How to present the results of such work in a poster format

Transferable skills

Self-directed study; library research and use of the mathematical literature; time management; report writing; oral presentation.

Unit code: MATHM2204
Level of study: M/7
Credit points: 40
Teaching block (weeks): 1 and 2
Unit director: Professor Philip Welch


Depends on the project selected



Methods of teaching

Guidance from supervisor, leading to independent study with further discussion with supervisor as necessary. Skills training is provided early in teaching block 1; details are in the project handbook, available on Blackboard.

Methods of Assessment 

The pass mark for this unit is 40.

The final mark is calculated as follows:

  • 80% project report
  • 10% from a presentation
  • 10% from a poster

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