Group Project

Unit aims

The unit aims to give students an opportunity to study a topic of their choice, working more or less independently, and to develop experience of report-writing and oral presentation. In addition the new unit will give students insight into group dynamics, develop interpersonal skills and allow them to tackle more comprehensive assignments.

Unit description

The unit consist of small groups of students working independently on projects which are proposed and supervised by individual academic members of staff.

Learning objectives

Self-directed study, report writing, oral presentation, working as part of a team, managing group dynamics, developing research plans. The mathematical content depends on the project, but a general “mathematical maturity”.

Reading and References

There is no set reading list for this unit.

Unit code: MATHM0021
Level of study: M/7
Credit points: 20
Teaching block (weeks): 1 and 2
Unit director: Dr Roman Schubert


Completion of 120 credit points in Year 3



Methods of teaching

Guidance from supervisor, leading to independent study with further discussion with supervisor as necessary. Skills training is provided early in teaching block 1.

 This unit is largely driven by the input from the students. The students work independently in a group at the project, this includes independent learning, planning, organisation of group work, and as well assessment of their peers. The supervisor has largely a guiding role with ½ contact hours per week.

Assessment methods

The final assessment consists of several components: At the end of the project the group submits a written report and gives an oral presentation in which each member of the group participates.

  • The joint project report is marked and then for each student an individual mark is obtained by multiplying with an Individual Weighting Factor. The Individual Weighting Factor is determined from peer-assessment in the group. The weighted mark for the project report forms 90% of the total mark for each individual student.
  • The presentation contributes for each student an individual mark of 5% and a joint mark for the overall presentation of 5%.

After half of the project period has passed peer assessment will be used for formative purposes, to reflect on the dynamics and possible problems of the group work.

The project and the presentation will be marked against the criteria on the 0-100 scale.

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