Perspectives in Mathematics

Unit aims

The purpose of the unit is to use a students’ maths background to develop skills in communication, independent project work and supporting peers in group work.

Unit description

This unit will be comprised of three periods of activity, in each of which there will be a choice between a task which uses the students’ maths background to develop communication or career skills, and one which gives scope for independent exploration of new mathematics. 

The unit will also involve aspects of group work, peer review and support, peer assessment, as well as presenting work orally and in written form. As these skills are important in almost any career, whether professional or academic, it is suggested that all 2nd year students seriously consider taking this course.

Relation to other units

This unit fulfils the written/oral communication requirement of our degree. It cannot be taken by any student who has previously taken Communication, Careers and Enterprise

Learning objectives

  • Gain experience presenting to an audience
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges in writing mathematics for an appropriate audience
  • Gain experience in writing about and motivating a mathematical topic
  • Learn to participate constructively in peer review
  • Gain practice in effective peer assessment
  • Gain experience in working effectively with a group of peers
  • Experience creating a mathematical presentation through the medium of video
  • Gain skills associated with presenting work in written form
  • Learn to present findings orally

Transferable skills

Communication, independent project work and supporting peers in group work.


Students will select one of the following activities for each task.
Task 1: a) Practical sessions on CV and cover letter writing and job interview practise OR b) Reading a short mathematical article designed for undergraduates and presenting it to a group of peers.
Task 2: a) Writing a short article aimed at a general audience and participating in peer review and assessment. A short video on a mathematical topic will also be made in groups OR b) writing the background, motivation and plan for a first year group project based on a small extension of a first year unit and participating in peer review and assessment. A short video promoting the topic will also be made in groups
Task 3: a) Maths enterprise project - group work culminating in a group report and group presentation OR b) Exploration of a mathematical topic - group work culminating in a group report and group presentation.

Reading and References

Various online resources related to topics chosen.

See what our students say about this unit

One year after his graduation, Akshay Sandri who studied CCE, aims to revolutionise our dining experience with his new app. Read about his success and experience of studying this unit: Perspectives in Mathematics Article (PDF, 104kB)

Unit code: MATH20009
Level of study: I/5
Credit points: 20
Teaching block (weeks): 4 (1-24)
Lecturer: Dr Nina Snaith


120 credit points level C/4 units



Methods of teaching

Presentations from experts delivering skills; peer review; peer assessment; small group work; drop-in sessions

Methods of Assessment

The pass mark for this unit is 40.

The final mark is calculated as follows:

  • 25% Careers Project or Mathematical Presentation
  • 25% Writing Mathematics Project
  • 50% Group Project

For information resit arrangements, please see the re-sit page on the intranet.

Please use these links for further information on relative weighting and marking criteria.

Further exam information can be found on the Maths Intranet.

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