Year Abroad for Maths with Study in Continental Europe MSci

Unit description

The year abroad is spent at an approved European University, attending teaching and assessment for approved units, of which at least 2/3 is mathematical.  Further information is in the guidelines to 'Mathematics with Study in Continental Europe', available from the School of Mathematics Intranet.

Relation to other units

The year abroad for the BSc programme, but at Level I/5 (but still taken in the third year of study).

Unit code: MATH30003
Level of study: H/6
Credit points: 12
Teaching block (weeks): 1 and 2
Unit director: Dr Roman Schubert
Lecturer: At foreign University


Marks of at least 70 in 80 credit points of year 2 maths units, normally language marks of 50.



Methods of teaching

Assessment methods

Students must attend all assessment offered at the foreign university. If the year abroad is failed the student will be transferred to the Mathematics BSc.

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