Undergraduate units 17/18

These pages are intended for undergraduate students in single- and joint-honors BSc and MSci three- and four-year programmes in mathematics, and students from other Schools taking mathematics units.

The University uses level descriptors C/4 for units normally taken in year one, I/5 for second-year units, H/6 for third-year units and M/7 for fourth-year units. The initials C, I, H, M stand for Certificate, Intermediate, Honours and Masters; the numbers 4, 5, 6 denote the corresponding QAA framework level.

Our undergraduate courses are organised as "units", each assigned 10 or 20 "credit points" according to how much work they entail. Some projects are 40 credit points. A full year's work is 120 credit points.

We cannot guarantee every unit will run in each academic year, however we always plan to provide students with a range of units over the Pure, Applied and Statistics groups so students are able to focus on areas where they have the greatest interests and strengths.

Level C/4 open units

Level H/6 units

Level M/7 units

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