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Bristol students mentor pupils from Kuala Lumpur

Students from the Garden International School (GIS) in Kuala Lumpur.

12 June 2020

New undergraduate unit 'International Mentoring' has proven to be a great success with both University of Bristol students and our international partners.

As part of the unit, the University of Bristol partnered with a small number of selected international schools. Third year Maths students were offered the opportunity to mentor year 12 and 13 Further Maths students; the sessions were conducted virtually and covered a broad range of of further Maths topics.

The programme has proved to be particularly popular with The Garden International School (GIS) in Kuala Lumpur.  It offered a fantastic opportunity for the GIS students taking part to benefit from a deeper insight into their mathematics study.

One of their 12 students commented: "I haven't just learnt problem-solving, mathematics or equations. I've learnt how to engage with conundrums I never thought I'd enjoy, and how to work with people I never thought I'd work with. Whether we've been solving MAT or STEP or Kangaroo questions, we've done it as a team – and this is truly an experience that I'll always appreciate."

Bristol students also enjoyed the experience a great deal. Third year student Matthew Lewington said: "The international mentoring unit was an incredibly rewarding unit where I was able to learn lots about new cultures whilst teaching maths to very talented students. I would recommend this unit for anyone wanting to learn how online tutoring works or perhaps pursue a career in teaching."

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Find out more about the International Mentoring unit on our course catalogue.

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