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Sophie Stevens wins Alumni Association Award

24 January 2019

Sophie Stevens wins Alumni Association Award

Congratulations to Sophie Stevens who has won an Alumni Association Award in recognition of her dedication to public engagement. 

Sophie has shown an unparalleled commitment to communicating mathematics during her postgraduate studies at Bristol. She proactively seeks opportunities to bring mathematics to new audiences -- spanning all backgrounds and age groups. Furthermore, she has helped to create an active group of staff members and postdoctoral researchers, excited to follow in her footsteps. 

On top of her PhD studies, Sophie has been a leading participant in diverse public engagement and outreach activities. She has translated her own research into worksheets, designed to be freely available to school-aged children in Bristol Central library. She has given outreach talks in local schools, explaining areas of mathematics not seen on the curriculum, and providing a different perspective on mathematics. She has organised stalls at Cheltenham Science Festival and at We the Curious, engaging the public with mathematical experiments, games and puzzles. She has a fantastic knack for making esoteric or technical concepts readily digestible. She makes her audience share her vision of maths as a fun, exciting, evolving, creative topic. 

Sophie is active in organising the 'mathematics communication' group within the Maths department, ensuring that her fervour for engagement will continue after her graduation. She is the driving force for a mixed team of staff and student researchers who collaborate on devising and presenting engagement activities.

Sophie is an inspirational figure, enthusiastic, dedicated, supportive and wonderfully inventive. She is generous with her love for, and profound knowledge of, mathematics and now, there are hundreds of people out there who see more in mathematics than unfathomable symbols and rote memorisation, thanks to Sophie."

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