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Bristol graduate leads cross-disciplinary paper on hillslope evolution

Hill in the Negev desert, Israel. Dr Katerina Michaelides

7 December 2018

Former MSc student Jacob Cavert has co-authored an article in a leading quantitative earth surface processes journal, the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface.

Dr Marton Balazs from the School of Maths, and Dr Katerina Michaelides, from the School of Geographical Sciences worked with Jacob on the paper, which introduces stochastic interacting particle systems to hillslope evolution.

These are discrete-space probabilistic models that give a rather novel and efficient approach to the problem of microscopic-macroscopic transition from moving soil particles to actual hillslope evolution.

Dr Balazs said: “Jacob played a fantastic role in the work, adding valuable ideas, producing excellent simulations and perfectly communicating with (sometimes translating between!) the geomorphology and mathematics communities.”

Jacob is currently a PhD student at UC Berkeley.

Further information

Read the paper, ‘Unifying Particle-Based and Continuum Models of Hillslope Evolution’

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