Probability seminar: One-dimensional random walks with self-blocking immigration

16 January 2015, 3.40 PM - 16 January 2015, 4.40 PM

Rongfeng Sun, National University of Singapore

SM3, School of Mathematics

We consider a system of independent one-dimensional random walkers where new particles are added at the origin at a fixed rate whenever there is no older particle present at the origin. A Poisson ansatz leads to a semi-linear lattice heat equation and predicts that starting from the empty configuration, the total number of particles grows as c \sqrt {t} log t. We confirm this prediction and also describe the asymptotic macroscopic profile of the particle configuration. The proof is based on coupling techniques. Joint work with Matthias Birkner.

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Organisers: Marton Balazs, Haeran Cho

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