Probability seminar: Activated random walks with bias

22 April 2016, 3.40 PM - 22 April 2016, 4.40 PM

Laurent Tournier, Paris 13

SM3, School of Mathematics

Laurent Tournier, Paris 13

Activated random walks with bias

The Activated Random Walk model is a conservative particle system in which particles move independently as simple random walks except that, when alone at a vertex, particles may switch to a passive state and then stay still until the visit of another particle. The competition between local deactivation and global spread of activity by diffusion is believed to lead, in wide generality, to a nontrivial phase transition as the initial density increases: at low density, local configurations eventually stabilize, while at higher density activity persists locally forever. The case when the particle motion is biased was first specifically considered by Lorenzo Taggi. In this talk, we will present an extension of this result and review recent progress on this model.

This is joint work with Leonardo Rolla.

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Organisers: Marton Balazs, Haeran Cho

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