School Colloquium Series: Professor Yang Wang PhD

27 September 2018, 3.30 PM - 27 September 2018, 4.30 PM

Professor Yang Wang PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Mott Lecture Theatre, Physics Building

Title: Can Mathematics Solve Mysteries in Literature?

There have been no shortages of controversies in literature, from old questions such as whether Cao Xueqin wrote all 120 chapters of "Dreams of Red Chamber", widely known as the greatest work of Chinese literature, to new questions such as whether Obama actually wrote his autobiography "Dreams From My Father".

For mathematicians, it is interesting to ask whether mathematics can be used to settle these controversies. In this talk, I will give an overview on how mathematics can be applied to analyze the "style" of an author and the related field of study called "stylometry". I will show that mathematics can be used to almost definitively settle many such controversies.

How to register

The talk is open to all University of Bristol staff and students as well as the general public. We ask that all attendees please register in advance of the event via Eventbrite.

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Professor Yang Wang

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